Saturday, December 20

Sappy post ahead

I had a deep moment at Walmart of all places today. I was waiting in a line up that I thought would never end, and as I usually do, I was people watching. There was a couple in front of me with a cart full of toilet paper and new pillows gazing at each other lovingly...just happy to be in each other's company. It occurred to me that they had been married for quite some time. They spoke with their eyes and soft gestures to one another. Each knew what the other had to say without speaking. This tall, well dressed gentleman looked at one of the shelves at the cash and noticed the display of chocolate was all in disarray, and started to "face"the shelves, making each little box of chocolate look perfect, stacking them up neatly and dispensing of the empty display boxes so that shoppers didn't have to wade through the mess. Perhaps he was bored, but to me this touched my heart and I'm not sure why it affected me so much. His wife looked at him lovingly and he put his hand on her back and gently rubbed her shoulders. I felt tears welling up when I saw this. I wanted to tap this woman on the shoulder and tell her how very lucky she was to be married to such a man, although I'm sure she already knew this by the look on her face. Such a simple gesture, I thought, and it was quite obvious he has probably never worked at job such as Walmart in his life, but he felt the need to "help out" 30 seconds of his time to arrange that shelf, but probably saved a poor kid from having to wade through the hordes of people that night, to tidy it up at his boss' request. This to me is the spirit of the holidays. Random selfless acts, no matter how small, that add up to make this world a better place.
This man inspired me to want to be a better person. Walk through life and make things better, no matter how small a gesture.

Thursday, December 11



By Sarah Dupuis. All rights reserved 2008

This hat was inspired by the dozens of single skeins of Manos del Uruguay I had lying around in my stash.
This hat takes less than 1 skein and fits nicely over the ears so it will actually keep you warm.
Living in Northern Ontario, warmth is a necessity when the temperature drops to -45 c.


1 set 5 mm 16" circular needles

1 skein Manos del Uruguay Kettle Dyed Pure wool( 138 yds). I used colour 54.
* this would also work very nicely in Malabrigo, Patons SWS, or Noro Kureyon/silk garden

1 Stitch marker

2 Buttons about 1 inch diameter. I used Mother of pearl shell buttons purchased at Walmart.

* Notes: to (M1) pick up the leg of yarn between sts and knit through the back of the loop

With circular needles, cast on 80 Sts and join to work in the round. Work 8 rows in twisted rib - K2 tbl, P2* to end.

Next round: K8 (m1)* repeat to end of round . 90 sts

Knit 2 rounds plain.

Next round: K9 (m1)* repeat to end of round . 100 sts

Knit 12 rounds.

Next Round: K10 (m1)* repeat to end. 110 sts

Knit 6 rounds plain

Begin Decreases

K10, K2 tog* repeat to last 2 sts K2

Knit 2 rounds

K9 K2tog* to last 2 sts, K2

Knit 6 rounds

K8 K2tog * to last 2 sts, K2

Knit 2 rounds plain

K7 K2 tog* to last 2 sts, K2
Knit 2 rounds plain.
K6 K2tog* to last 2 st K2
Knit 1 row
K5 K2tog* to last 2 sts
Knit 1 row

Continue in this manner, knitting one less stitch between K2tog decreases with 1 plain round between decrease rows until 16 sts remain, cut yarn and thread through remaining sts,
pull tightly and fasten off on the inside of hat.
If you wish you can block the hat into the shape you prefer.
Sew 2 buttons where you like them, and Voila!! a cute slouchy hat in a day.

Hopefully this works out! I've been trying all day to offer up this free pattern, bud Adobe hates me! So Here it is! Enjoy.

Sunday, November 9

It's Been So Long

There's so much to say, it's been so long. I'm trying to figure out how to write this post and let everyone know about the million ups and downs I've faced over the last few months. I'll be back soon. I just need to sort out my next post.

Monday, June 23

A Day for Soothing Simplicity

I need something mindless. Something soothing to take my mind off of some bad news I've received today. I'm not sure how to deal, but my knitting has kept me company today. No sock for SOS..just a simple hand spun hat in the round until the edge wears off. Do you ever have a week where you just wish something good would finally happen? Maybe tomorrow...maybe when this hat is off the needles...maybe the sock will feel right for tomorrow. I Hope.

Monday, June 16

Holy Moly!

I didn't really believe I had enough yarn to come close to competing in the Summer of Socks 08 most socks challenge...that is until I started pulling it all out to see what I had. The scary part is, there is a huge bin in my chest freezer out in the garage that must have at least 20-30 more skeins in it as well. Did I really buy that much? Wow. At last count, there was enough in that pile to complete at least 30 pairs of socks. That doesn't count what's in the garage. Two of those skeins are also huge mill end skeins from Cherry Tree Hill that have enough for about 3 pairs each.
I do have a plan in the works for this knit a long. I've bought myself a new blue binder, and started collecting all of the sock patterns in it that I plan to knit. I would also like to match the yarn with the pattern, record all the pertinent info such as recipient, size, needles used, and modifications. For this I've included a sheet of graph paper with each pattern to take notes. My goal is to have at least half of the skeins wound and ready to go so I won't waste time doing that chore once the knit a long begins on the 21st.
Maybe I should join the 52 pair plunge as well. I just hope my desire to knit socks all summer doesn't fizzle out or get lured away by some enchanting lace project or a snuggly sweater. Time will tell! At least I know I won't "need" to purchase more sock yarn for the SOS. Yeah right. Who am I kidding?

Sunday, June 15

I've been super lazy this week. The start of my week saw me working 40 hours in 3 days and that about wiped me out. I'm on a mini holiday as of yesterday though. It may be looking up in the relax and enjoy life department. I had a wonderful time at the relay for life, and managed to raise $300 for cancer research!. The night of the relay it stormed like the heavens were mad. But we walked in the torrential downpour anyways. Walking in the rain without caring how wet you are is quite liberating (until the lightning drives you into a tent with 12 other women).
There are prizes that have been sitting on my computer desk just waiting for me to send out. Ruinwen, and Patricia...they will be on their way to you this week. Thank you ladies. I really appreciate your generosity.
You are each getting one of the handspun skeins of laceweight:

Patricia, you will also receive the Yarn Harlot's Knitting Rules! book as well as the Silvia sock yarn
Ruinwen, the Socks that Rock yarn and the Squoosh Roving(you do now own a spinning wheel right??) If not I can find you something equally as pretty to knit.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thursday, June 5

My creation

My creation
Originally uploaded by sarah_braund
I've seen this on a few blogs today and thought I'd try it. What fun!

Here's how to do it:


a. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
b. Using only the first page, pick an image.
c. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd’s mosaic maker.

The Questions:

1. What is your first name?
2. What is your favorite food?
3. What high school did you go to?
4. What is your favorite color?
5. Who is your celebrity crush?
6. Favorite drink?
7. Dream vacation?
8. Favorite dessert?
9. What you want to be when you grow up?
10. What do you love most in life?

11. One word to describe you.
12. Your flickr name. - (I had to use Vixenpath to get a result.)

Friday, May 30

A week to shape up

Only a week to go before I walk/jog/run my little heart out for my favorite charity. I've been working out lots lately trying to keep in top form so I don't hurt myself next weekend. I'm really looking forward to this (so long as mother nature co-operates). If you haven't donated already, there's still time, and I will try to find one or two more great prizes while I'm in Toronto this week .
What? I didn't mention I was going to Toronto? Yep..on Tuesday we will take my baby in for his last pre-op appointment at Sick Kids. I can't wait to have his surgery over and done with.
I'm still trying to figure out what to pack as travel knitting. I'm always over ambitious, and tend to pack every WIP I have, but this time I think I may focus on just one nearly done, or two projects. I really need to clear the decks for some summer knitting.
To distract you from the fact that I have no good knitting photos to show you, I will post this neat little shot of some Fearless Fibers Sock Yarn I wound a while ago. It made a neat little flower shape as I took it off the ball winder and I had to take some pictures. Does this ever happen for you?

*note: when going to the canadian cancer society website to donate to Relay For Life you will need to enter Sudbury Ontario as the city, along with my name Sarah Dupuis.

Tuesday, May 13

Another Year Older, and Another Prize

Yesterday I celebrated another Birthday. I know I don't feel older, but apparently the calendar says so. It was a very nice day, started off with a big sleep ( I came off graveyard shift in the morning) And I woke up to the best family in the world trying their best to make my day special.
Speaking of special, check out this sky I woke up to this morning..the clouds were amazing! All lined up like little soldiers.

Sunday night (well technically Monday morning) I cast on some Birthday socks for me! They are the Froot Loop pattern from Knitty. What a fun knit! I am in love with the yarn..once again Blue Hands Fibers comes through with a squishy smooth yarn that I adore.

I bought this in January or February ( I think I blogged it too,but I'm too lazy to look it up) and it is the perfect match to this pattern. I can't wait to have these babies on my feet. Oh..and I signed up for the Summer of Socks.
I'm going to get my Sock Mojo on this summer..Quick sign-ups are almost closed!

I'm still digging up prizes for the draw..there's still lots of time to get in on the action. If you mention the draw on your blog, I'll throw an extra entry in the pot for you! If you have no clue what I'm talking about please see the post below. This is a really great cause, and I know I can reach my goal! Here's the latest addition to the prize basket:

This is Julia's Yarn Salvia Sock Yarn (2 Hanks) in Color 15. It is a nice blend of rust, oranges and browns. The photo just doesn't do it justice.
Again I want to thank all those who have already donated. Every penny helps. For those of you have already contributed, if you have already mentioned this on your blog you get an extra entry, and if you haven't yet, and do before June 3 I will throw your name in the pot again!
Have a great week .

Monday, May 5

I was gonna Show You a Disaster But..

I had planned on discussing my disaster with my newest FO but today I am so elated that I could never ever say anything bad about this....

I started this about 2 weeks ago, and was totally confident the whole way through about my yarn situation...until I reached the last 60 sts of the cast off...but we won't go there. ( Let's just say I love Elann, and how quick they ship stuff)
I am so thrilled with how this turned out. The colours in the photo are not very accurate ( the border is actually dark green, not black.
This blanket will be auctioned off for our local Sports Hall of Fame that my father in law is opening.
Now I'm just trying to dream up another colour scheme. Perhaps one in a solid colour.

Wednesday, April 30

Rollin Rollin Rollin

The donations are starting to roll in, and I'm digging around for some more prizes . I really appreciate all of you who have given, or plan to give. I know times are tough all over, and it warms my heart when fantastic people like all of you are willing to reach a little deeper. I'm very fortunate to "know" all of you.(Even if it is only through e-mail and blogging)
Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!
Oh ..and I do have some knitting content to blog about( a small disaster actually), but Mr.Man has decided the camera batteries are better used in his TV remote, so I'll have to post later tonight or tomorrow.

Friday, April 25

Prize Patrol

I have a couple more prizes to give away for the Relay for life. Trust these up is Really hard! I hope they find a wonderful home!
First up: Socks that rock lightweight in the Monsoon colorway that I bought at Lettuce Knit in Toronto .
This one is so beautiful..greens, greys, blacks. My kinda colour.

And next up..4 oz of beautiful merino roving hand-dyed by Etsy seller Squoosh(knittinmama)
also stunning, and a dream to spin up!

Happy weekend everyone!

Tuesday, April 22

Many Women

Many women in my life have had to fight long tough battles with cancer. This disease has caused my family such heartache and grief. I hope that one day we can find a cure..and I believe we will.
On June 6 2008 I will be participating in the Relay for Life sponsored by the Canadian Cancer Society. While my goal of $500 may seem small, I wanted to set it realistically and adjust it as necessary.
The knitting community has supported so many causes in the past, and I know it feels like someone is always asking for help, but here it more time.
I've given up my yarn budget for 3 months to put towards this relay, and I would be so grateful for even a penny from yours. Help me reach my goal!! (my name is Sarah Dupuis if you are having trouble..and in SUDBURY Ontario (thanks Dee)
I'm going to start posting some prizes which will be raffled off after the relay. If you donate just send me an e-mail letting me know you did so (no need to tell me how much) and I will enter you in the draw. sarahUNDERSCOREbraundATyahooDOTcom. If you would rather pay by paypal, feel free to send it to the e-mail address above.

Winners will be drawn on Saturday June 7 .

The start of the prizes:(there will be more to come)

Prize 1.
2 Skeins of my handspun laceweight singles each about 1000 m . Each winner will receive 1 skein.

Prize 2.
A copy of The Yarn Harlot's Knitting Rules!

Thursday, April 3

Anyone know a Podiatrist?

This post is a little overdue, (and pic heavy)but I wanted to chronicle my adventures in Toronto for
The Yarn Harlot's Inexplicable Sock Scavenger Hunt/Book Launch. I had the most amazing time!
I met so many wonderful people who I would never have had the pleasure to meet if it weren't for this event.
When I started blogging, I never imagined it would open up my world of knitting as it has. I'm very grateful every time I get to meet one of "my people". That was no exception this Tuesday.
Through the magic of Ravelry, I hatched a plan with Gretchen (knitmn on Ravelry) from St.Paul Minnesota to meet up at union station to do the scavenger hunt, maybe do some lunch, and go to see the Harlot speak at her book launch. Two knitters in different countries who have never met, (one blogless...and Gretchen, I know you want to start a blog..just sayin' ) meeting up in a city that neither of them live in. Most people would think this is nuts. I mean the other person could be an axe murderer for all you know. It's insanity. But here's the beauty of the knitting/knit blog community, I never gave it a second thought. Never have I met such wonderful, thoughtful, giving, friendly, compassionate people. Knitters are brave, knitters are up for anything, knitters are good people. Just looking at the staggering amount of money in the sidebar of Stephanie's blog could convince anyone, (muggles included) that knitters are among the best people I know.
My inexplicable day actually started much earlier than 1pm on tuesday(which is when we were meeting).
I hopped on a Greyhound at around 12:45 am on Tuesday morning, full of excitement, but hoping to catch some sleep. I was wearing this...

This was not to be though since it was pouring rain the whole way, and the bus ride was a bit rocky. No matter...I was headed to Toronto for 24 whole hours of un-interrupted fun. I cannot tell you how much getting a day away all by myself is..but I digress...
I arrived in Toronto at 5:30 am, and tried to figure out what I'd do until the late morning. I was to meet up with a couple of girls from Brantford at 11 am as well (Chris and Andrea..I'm so sorry we didn't hook up). So I made the trek to a Tim Horton's to grab some coffee, and a bagel for breakfast.

I decided since it wasn't too busy, that this might be a perfect opportunity for me to get my photo for the scavenger hunt. Let me tell you...this is not as easy as it sounds. The employee was so excited I asked her to hold the sock for a photo, and even began telling me about how she was a new knitter and wishes she could knit socks..when her manager came upfront from the kitchen and glared back at her. I quickly took my sock and headed back to my seat. I didn't want to get the poor girl in trouble, and she did have another customer walking into the store. I waited till it was all clear, then proceeded to the counter again to get my photo. She looked at me and whispered "you need to ask my manager if it's OK, I might get in trouble".
Huh? poor girl was terrified. So being bold..I strolled up to the manager, and explained the hunt to him..even showed him the list, and after about 5 minutes of trying to convince him I wasn't a lunatic, he agreed to the photo..."BUT ONLY IF NOBODY IS IN THE STORE" he said cause you know I might just ruin his image and scare away all the customers.'s 5:45 in the morning...I don't think you need to worry. Here's the pic.

So, with the first one out of the way I was feeling great. At this point it was still dark outside, and I had like 5 hours to kill, so I decided to go to the Subway and buy my day pass. Then just for kicks I hopped on the train and rode it all the way to the end of the line and back so I could knit on the sock a bit. I got off at union station about 7:30, and decided to shop a little, so I went down to the PATH ( an underground 20 km path that has lots of shops , coffee places, and places to eat).The only things I bought were gel insoles for my shoes, and blister bandages, but more on that later. I scooped up some Jugo juice, and made my way to the Hockey Hall of fame. Had another seat and took this pic:
Once my juice was done, I headed back to Union station to meet Chris and Andrea for 11 am.
Unfortunately, this was never to be...we missed each other some how, and by 12:00 I gave up.
I was so happy when 1 pm rolled around and I actually saw Gretchen! And because I'm such a dork, I didn't get one single photo of her! Let me just say that I totally lucked out getting her as my companion for the day. She rocks. So much so that I think I may become her stalker, and make a trip to Minnesota just so I can hang out with her again. Dudes, she owns a bar. Nuff said.
Oh and apparently we have some weird psychic connection, because we were both wearing our Central Park Hoodies. Total Fluke, although hers is much nicer than mine.
After taking some photos of the socks at Union Station, and with the CN Tower we headed back down to catch a streetcar to Lettuce Knit. Love.That.Place. Here's Megan the owner in all her cutesy pregnanty state. She's adorable, and she sells the best yarn ever. I want to marry her.

There's the hot chocolate we brought her on the counter. They make really yummy smelling organic goat's milk hot chocolate at the place a couple of doors down from her shop. Very cool little cafe. She makes them hand knit mug cosies ( I hope she gets free hot chocolate out of the deal). Guess who else I met there?

Jenna, who writes Girl From Auntie. Swoon. She's all cutsey and pregnanty too. She's holding my monkey sock for the photo of another Toronto Knit blogger. How cool is it that I have her for my photo. I had a little falling down at the store but managed to resist alot of the yarn fumes emanating from the place. After that, we decided we really needed to re-fuel with some lunch and beer, so we headed back down to Queen St, and decided to check out The Horseshoe Tavern
This pic was taken on the way there. I thought it turned out rather nicely so I've included it.
Let's call this one Grafitti Sock

We had intended on having our beer and food there, but we sat down and not a singlw person approached us to see if we needed anything, so we left and headed to the pub down the street. I think it was called The (Raging?)Bull Pub.
I had a descent veggie burger and fries, along with a Molson Canadian beer
(they had no Toronto indies) actually the waitress kind of looked at me funny when I asked her.

It's been a long time since I've had a beer that tasted this good. The wind had started to pick up and it was getting colder so we were parched by the time we got there. At this point I couldn't hide my excruciating pain from Gretchen, and admitted I needed to find some different shoes, or I'd be done for the day. Croc's were the first thing that came to mind, but walking an additional 10 minutes to get them just wasn't an option. So I got Flip flops at Claire's (which were a huge relief) and we walked down to King St to get our Walk of Fame photos.
Here's Margaret Atwood's star. Rachel H actually got Margaret Atwood to hold her sock and took an actual photo of the Lady Herself, which I could never compete with.
Once we were done there, we wandered down to University Ave again and decided it might be time to find coffee/tea and head to the main event, so we caught the train hopped off by the university and walked toward the theatre (we hoped) there was a few moments of uncertainty where we weren't sure we were walking the right direction, but all was well. We arrived at the Theatre, where Chris and Andrea finally tracked me down! Better late than never I suppose. They saved us a couple of seats, and we settled in to knit a bit and watch the show.
Let me just say, Stephanie is frickin' hilarious. I enjoyed every single underpants story. Such a smart cookie she is.
I apologize for the craptastic nature of the photo, but some guy decided that a room full of knitters didn't need the lights on. Once the talk was done, and MSF pins were bought, Gretchen and I decided to find out where on God's green earth the bar was so we wouldn't get lost.
Gretchen hooked us up...Amy (of Knitty) told her we could follow her to the bar. And so we did. We actually sat with Amy and Keri (kiwicanuck) who deigned that fantastic cable/lace/dropped stitch stole for the summer Knitty. More food and drinks were consumed, and there may have been a little yarn enabling discussion in which I may score some Noro sock yarn which I regretted not buying while I was at Lettuce Knit.

This is also a terrible picture, but It's not every day you get to have dinner with the Creator/Editor of your favorite online knitting mag. Amy by the way also has a new book which came out the same day as Stephanie's. I've got this one on the way to my mail box.
By the time I had to leave (to catch my bus back home at 1 am) my poor little feet were feeling like they were going to fall off. It was all I could do not to cry. As I write this, they are still too swollen to fit into my shoes, and the blisters are just...huge, and gross (I'll spare you the pictures I took of that) they were really bad. I wanted to stay longer but my body just couldn't do it. I hugged my new pal and made my way to the curb to hail a cab to the bus station. Man those guys are fast! I had 2 cabs stop at the same time for me with one single wave of the arm.
The whole day was surreal, inexplicable, wonderful, validating. I can't wait to do it again. I hope I get the chance to hang out with all of you time, with better shoes!

Thursday, March 20

I feel like I've been knitting like a madwoman this week, but making little progress. But I do have one finished sweater to unveil. I've been working on it since about mid February for a co-worker's dad who was just put into assisted living. He's a hearty old Scotsman and I hope he really loves the sweater I "un-vented" for him. Much of the technique was taken from EZ's Knitter's almanac, but I added a few personal touches.

It's modeled by Mr.Man, although he isn't quite as broad in the shoulders as the recipient so It looks a little ill fitting on him.

This was also my first adventure in steeking. I must say I'm enamored with the technique now that I've gotten over the utter sheer terror of cutting through 30 hours of knitting. I tried it on myself and I actually quite liked how the neckline fell on me. I may actually make myself one in the future. The front panels, and entire back are covered in the fish trap aran pattern noted in the almanac in January, and then I added some cables of my own. I did keep track of what I did so if you are interested I could e-mail the "pattern"once I get it typed into proper language instead of a bunch of scribbled charts and notes in my journal. This is sized for a 6 foot 2 190 pound man, but it could be sized down easily.
Now I'm plugging away on the hub's sweater that I began a few weeks ago. really seems as though 2008 has become the year of the sweater for me.
I'll leave you with a really cool shot of the CN Tower at night from our trip last week. It was taken by my 7 year old, and he was quite proud of it.

Happy easter to all of you who celebrate.

Saturday, March 15

4 Kids,a luxury hotel and chaos

OK so I haven't had time to post since I've been back in town. I had to go to work as soon as we got home, but the trip was somewhat successful. We went in hopes of having our consultation with my son's eye surgeon, and having a date set for his surgery, but she felt we should try a couple more things before resorting to surgery. I just hope we can deal with that before he starts school. I was a little disappointed that she didn't book the surgery right away, seeing as how we have to travel 4 hours every time we go see her. But I guess the doctor knows best right? At least I hope she does. Oh and if you were wondering whether or not it's a good idea to take 4 kids to Toronto for a quickie one night trip? Ummm....let's just say there will be babysitters involved next time. Stress times four. What were we thinking?

Wednesday, March 12


Thursday, March 6

Headed for the T Dot

Well, mother nature has launched a massive viral attack on my body this week, so I've been bed-ridden for a couple of days. I did get a couple of sick days out of the deal though, so there was much bed-knitting going on. We're headed for Toronto next Tuesday for a long awaited appointment at sick kids for my youngest to see an eye specialist. Not such a fun reason to go to the T Dot but, I just might get a Romni and Lettuce Knit visit in before I come home. We plan to pack a few fun activities in for the kids as well. We've got the ROM on Tuesday afternoon, and the CN Tower in the evening. I've done both a few times but the kids have never been, so it should be fun.
I need to be feeling better by the time we leave or they won't let me in the hospital, so here's hoping the drugs put me out of my misery. Back to bed with some tea...night

Sunday, February 24


There seems to be a silence amongst my bloglines subscriptions...everyone must be out enjoying the beautiful day(for those of you who are actually having one). Me...I just woke up from a night shift which involved tons of knitting, and watching season 4 of Nip Tuck. What a great show! I watched it the first season it came out, then lost my way for a couple of years. Last year I caught a few episodes, but I wanted to catch up on all of them, so I bought the box set. (I've already watched all the season 5 episodes to date). All I can say is WOW. Those writers know their stuff. I'm at the point with Mr.Man's sweater that he needs to try it on before I continue...the arms should be set aside soon, then it's blissful easy stockinette the rest of the way. Perfect Nip Tuck knitting. I have no new knitting photos, but I do have a sunrise from the windshield of the car last weekend as we were approaching Timmins. It was beautiful even though my camera couldn't quite catch it the way I could see it through the salty dirty windshield.

Thursday, February 21

She Weaves Too!

I'm in lurve...

This is a really pic heavy post (just so ya know)
I have caught the bug. I finally sat down and figured out how to weave on my little loom I got for Christmas. As many a Canadian crafter know, Lewiscraft went out of business a little while ago, and my sister went to a clearance sale and found me this little loom that the sales woman said had been sitting in their back room for close to 20 years. She got it for 15 bucks! Can't beat that. (I've also had a Bergere loom for over a year now but had no instructions on how to use it). Just a small start, but it's so much fun! I had promised myself I'd learn to weave for quite some time,but I kept putting it aside because there really aren't alot of resources on how to begin weaving online(until now, but I'll get back to that in a minute). So, I just bit the bullet and followed step by step the instructions that came in the box. I think this little project may turn out to be a guitar strap for my wireless Guitar Hero guitar. Something has to be girly and pink in this house filled with boys. I'm finding the rhythm (once I found one) very relaxing. I can't wait to warp up the loom again and try some of my silk/cashmere from colourmart. I do have a couple of tension issues, but I think it will be ok in the end once I wash this baby.
There's also been lots of knitting going on. I'm almost done with the first campfire sock (it's been my bedside table knitting).

And...I cast on yet another sweater. For Mr.Man this time. He wanted a simple mock turtleneck raglan pullover, so that is what he shall get. I cast this on last night, and am about halfway to the dividing for the arm holes. It's going pretty quickly I think seeing as how it's being knit in Elann Alpaca Fina(colour is Tumbleweed) on 3.75 mm needles. I'm just winging this one using the EPS (Elizabeth Zimmermann's percentage system). I am writing down what I'm doing though so once I'm done I can write up a quick and dirty pattern if you'd like.

This sweater is super soft, although I'm a little concerned about the itchiness factor around the neckline.
Oh, and Mr. Greenjeans is getting it's button bands knit right now even though I haven't done the arms yet. It's a little snug right now since I made that stupid mistake with the cabled ribbing, but I think it will block out ok since it's 40% cotton (at least I hope it will). What are your thoughts on colour? I thought I might over dye it since the green was really "green" but after trying it on with my super dark jeans, I started to like it a little. I can't decide. The colour in these shots are actually showing the green much more muted than it actually is. It's truly a bight spring green (picture brand new greeny- yellow grass)

See that bonehead mistake? dumb arse that I am couldn't read the pattern.

So I'd love to hear what you think I should do about the colour. Should it stay or should it go?

* I'm really sorry about the lack of links, but I'll try to link everything up a little later today

Monday, February 18

Les peaux de lièvres

This is amazing! Each panel was knitted and then used to create this "music video". What patience that must have taken.

Thursday, February 14

Been knitting lots of Socks

I'm headed on a road trip for son the second's hockey tournament so I've got some socks on the go to keep me occupied while I cheer him on. I had a total brainstorm while I was trying to figure out how the heck to take some sock pictures outside without totally dunking them in the snow. Did you know that hockey sticks make great holders for sock photos? Neither did I till I slapped the monster sock on it.

These are for Mr.Man who has monster size 12 feet. The yarn is from an indie dyer I have come to love Fearless Fibers ( I am totally into indie sock yarns these days) In the "Smoke" colour way. The man picked it out, and I am in love with this colour. One sock done, the other one is about 3 inches past the heel, so almost done. What's a girl to do when the socks are almost done? Cast on another one of course, but this time for my own little frozen tootsies.
It's been super cold, and snowing like crazy, so the hand knit socks have been in circulation. To top it off we're headed even further north to Timmins, where we can expect temperatures in the vicinity of -35 c all weekend. Frikin' cold. These are Black Bunny Fiber in the Campfire colour way. So smooshy! I love this base yarn. I can't wait to have these babies on my feet
Maybe the whole campfire colour will trick my feet into actually believing they are warm. In -35 I don't think there's anything that can actually really truly keep them warm, but hey, I can look warm right?
Speaking of Timmins, I found out that there is a yarn shop called Knit-Wits about 2 blocks from our hotel. I will definitely check that out when we have some down time. Have any of you been there before? I do know they carry one of my favorite locally spun wools from Belle Valee. I'll be grabbing some of that for sure. I hope all of you have a great weekend. Keep warm.

Sunday, February 3

A Few New things

A few new knitterly items have made their way to my house this week, and I thought I'd share cause I have a few minutes before the Super bowl festivities start ( Go Patriots). The first is something I picked up at Canadian Tire * for about $19.99 in the bait and tackle section. It shall make my life bliss as I try to figure out the yardage of the hand spun on my bobbins. Every knitter/spinner needs one. It even clips to your belt so you can keep it handy. Who knew fishermen were so smart? I can even use it in the dark. SO COOL. It's made by Rapala and can count up to 1000 feet at a time.

Next up is some beautiful sock yarn I purchased from Blue-Hands Fibers I saw a little ad for them while I was trolling Ravelry, and decided to check her out. Stunning sock yarn, and just a peach to deal with.

Quick go buy her yarn. She's running dangerously low, but is suppposed to get some new stuff in her shop soon. I'm definitely looking forward to more of her yarny goodness. I'm so sorry I couldn't quite capture the true colours of this yarn, but the main colour is a salmony red, with browns and golds and a few spots of old rose pink. I'm so happy this is more of a girly colour, cause then The. Man won't beg me for this pair of socks to be knit for him. That Focaccia bread is destined for my dinner plate wit a little dollop of olive oil drizzled on my plate to dip into. Yumm...... Last but not least, I've gotta send you over to Necia's blog. She was my secret pal for SP7 , and I dyed and spun her some yarn for the exchange. She's

knitting it up into a gawjus (as she would say) Pi shawl in combination with some of her own hand spun. I can't wait to see how it turns out. It's like seeing a baby grow up...every skein of hand spun has it's own story...this story was especially for her, and I'm so pleased to see it become something so beautiful.

* Canadian Tire is a hardware and car servicing( and everything else home improvement or outdoorsey) institution in this country. Don't know what we'd do without them.

Thursday, January 31


I made a total bonehead move...I was knitting away on the last 2 inches of Mr.Greensleeves body and noticed I had been working the body totally wrong the whole time. I did a cable repeat throughout without the 4 stitch stockinette panels in between. I guess I should have paid attention to the pattern. BONEHEAD. I think I'll block it out tonight and see how it looks and fits. As long as it fits I think I'll just leave it. I'll try to update with some pics tonight before I go to work.
To distract you I'll show you the felted bag I plan to needle felt tonight as well. I just need to find the perfect handles. Oh, and I'm toying with a little blog re-design. I was starting to find the green a little blinding. What do ya think?

Wednesday, January 30

Where I'm from

I was reading Kitkatknit and she mentioned the "famous people" from her area. Here's a huge list from my home town Ottawa, Ontario. Alot of these I knew about, but some I was unaware of
Interestin stuff!
This is a list of notable people from Ottawa, Ontario or who have lived in Ottawa:
Dan Aykroyd, actor, comedian (he went to high school with my dad/ same year)
Paul Anka, singer (is my highschool friend's godfather)
Margaret Atwood, writer
Derek R. Audette, artist, poet, musician
Eva Avila, 4th season Canadian Idol champion
James Baker, former NHLer

Billy Boucher, NHL hockey player
Fred Brathwaite, NHL hockey player
Rod Brind'Amour, NHL hockey player
Tom Cavanagh, actor
Keshia Chante, singer
King Clancy, hockey player, coach and referee
Sarah Chalke, actor

Adrienne Clarkson, former Governor General of Canada
Bruce Cockburn, Singer
Tom Cruise, actor (lived briefly in Ottawa)
Barry and Brian Cullen brothers and former NHLers from Ottawa
Ben Eager, NHL hockey player
Jeremy Gara, drummer for The Arcade Fire

Tom Green, comedian
Lorne Greene, actor
Elisabeth Harvor, novelist
Jessica Holmes, actor, comedian
Peter Jennings, journalist
Yousuf Karsh, portrait photographer

Rich Little, comedian
Steven MacLean, Astronaut
Peter Mansbridge, journalist
Princess Margriet of the Netherlands (sister of the queen)
Massari, R&B artist
Frank McGee, hockey player
Earl McRae, award-winning journalist
Alanis Morissette, singer/songwriter
Sandra Oh, actor
Jesse Palmer, NFL football player
Frank Patrick, hockey player and builder
Matthew Perry, actor
Simon Pulsifer, prolific contributor to Wikipedia

Nancy Greene Raine, olympic skier.
Kelly Rowan, actor.
Marc Savard, NHL hockey player.
Barbara Ann Scott, figure-skating Olympic gold-medalist of the 1940s.
Bruce Stuart, hockey player.
Linda Thom, olympic gold medallist.
Alex Trebek, game show host.
Rick Vaive, NHL hockey player.
Steve Yzerman, NHL hockey player. ( dated his brother in high school, they lives 2 blocks from me growing up)
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Wednesday, January 23

Chin up it's almost done...

Two more days of work then I'll be able to get my crap together and post some proper photos of my finished CPH as well as a few other little things. It's been a crazy but very productive week. Work is throwing me a bunch of new projects, so I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Almost done...i just have to keep that chant in my head.

Friday, January 11

Ick...snow sucks

A quickie post cause I'm working a 16 hour day today, but I've found the camera..I've taken a few photos of craptastic quality, but Some photos are better than none right?
I need to pack a few small projects to take along with me's going to be a long one.
We are getting hit with a bunch of snow today too. I really hate driving in it. The commute into town for work should be fun. OK I'll quit whining, and put up a few photos.

First up Central Park hoodie right before I seamed the arms in and seamed up the hood
Next up is the finished Koolhaas hat that is slightly smaller than I'd like but I'm hoping that a good blocking will fix that

And Henry, dear henry...when will you be cast off? Hopefully this week. This one is beautiful but tedious.
Catch you all on the flipside...maybe I will post from work tonight to try and wake myself up.

ETA * I'm still at work and barely awake...I may have had a moment of weakness and cast on a new project. But....I did finish the socks too. Details later.

Thursday, January 10

If Cleanliness is next to Godliness, then where is my frickin' camera?

I've been finishing FO's like a madwoman the last couple of days. The CPH is done but for a zipper and my Koolhaas hat was cast off last night as well. Henry is 4 rows away from being done. But...I can't find the frickin' camera! it's been missing since New Years Day. That will teach me to organize my I can't find anything. So in an attempt to distract you from the lack of FO photos, I'll show you some pretty pictures of Celtic icon blocking. It's already been given to the recipient, and she loved it, but I don't have a modeled shot yet...

I was really happy with the way the whole thing turned out. I even got the zipper in the first try! Thank heavens cause I was on a deadline. The sweater was delivered on Christmas eve at 9:00 pm.

This week I am attempting to clean my knitting slate a little so I can enjoy knitting again. WIP's just seem to make me feel pressured. Maybe if I cast on a little less and finished a little more I wouldn't feel this way.
Up for completion are:
*Henry (no problem)
*EZ's Norwegian mittens
*pair of socks (one is 98% done)
* felted bag that has been languishing a really long time in the basket (like a year and a half)
* a wisp scarf started in October that was going to be a Christmas gift, but never got there

If I can finish all of these things before January ends I'll feel like I have accomplished something

Here's a little pic of the carnage at Christmas . My Dad was having a blast checking out all the toys, and installing batteries.

If all goes well I'll find my camera and have a bunch of FO's to show you all.

Tuesday, January 1

A New Year

Today I have big plans...plans to get organized, plans to eat healthier (I'm going to try vegetarianism) and plans to have an even better family than I do now. I'm sure I won't succeed in everything I try this year, but I'm sure gonna try hard. I'd also like to renew my commitment to blogging. I'd really like to blog at least twice a week. I've had some health issues dealt with, and I've gotten some answers. So, now with the fresh New Year air blown back into me, I'm trying for a fresh start.
I hope all of you out there have a fantastic 2008. I plan to. My motto for this year, "Just let life happen".