Thursday, March 20

I feel like I've been knitting like a madwoman this week, but making little progress. But I do have one finished sweater to unveil. I've been working on it since about mid February for a co-worker's dad who was just put into assisted living. He's a hearty old Scotsman and I hope he really loves the sweater I "un-vented" for him. Much of the technique was taken from EZ's Knitter's almanac, but I added a few personal touches.

It's modeled by Mr.Man, although he isn't quite as broad in the shoulders as the recipient so It looks a little ill fitting on him.

This was also my first adventure in steeking. I must say I'm enamored with the technique now that I've gotten over the utter sheer terror of cutting through 30 hours of knitting. I tried it on myself and I actually quite liked how the neckline fell on me. I may actually make myself one in the future. The front panels, and entire back are covered in the fish trap aran pattern noted in the almanac in January, and then I added some cables of my own. I did keep track of what I did so if you are interested I could e-mail the "pattern"once I get it typed into proper language instead of a bunch of scribbled charts and notes in my journal. This is sized for a 6 foot 2 190 pound man, but it could be sized down easily.
Now I'm plugging away on the hub's sweater that I began a few weeks ago. really seems as though 2008 has become the year of the sweater for me.
I'll leave you with a really cool shot of the CN Tower at night from our trip last week. It was taken by my 7 year old, and he was quite proud of it.

Happy easter to all of you who celebrate.


Lovs2Knit said...

Love the sweater! I bet your coworkers dad is going to love it.

kt said...

Hello Hello!

Great sweater, wonderful photo. Tell that boy he has a future in imagery.

I'm finally gearing up to make good on the Pay It Forward that I promised back in December, but I don't have your address or e-mail! Now that we've moved, I'm at me a line and let me know where to send!

Ruinwen said...

What a georgous sweater! Congrats on the steeking. It still gives me the heeby jeebies. The picture of the tower is really cool! :)

Rachel H said...

Hi there! I've just seen your comment on the Yarn Harlot's blog that you're coming in by bus from Sudbury for the April 1 event. Dude, that's so cool!

I know from experience you'll have no trouble finding friends at the event itself, but if you're looking for people to spend time with beforehand, there was a comment from Chris S. a few above yours about coming in for the day with a friend and she's already invited another commenter to come along, so that may work for you, and if you're on Ravelry the GTA Fibre Faces group could be a resource for you. Heck, hanging out at Lettuce Knit is a great way to spend an afternoon. I speak from experience there. :o)

If I can help at all, please feel free to send me a note at rachel2ATrogersDOTcom.

I'm really glad you're doing this. It's gonna be a great night, and I hope you'll come and introduce yourself to Steph and I.

Oh, and that pic of the CN Tower? Your 7 year old is right to be proud of it. It's really neat.

JustApril said...

AWEsome sweater! very nice and great manly color, as well! steeks eeeeek - I'm still working up my nerve.

Chris S. said...

Well, isn't that funny! Rachel H got to you last night, and here I am this morning!. It's Chris S. A soon-to-be-knitter friend and I are coming in from Brantford, we were at the launch last May. This year I think we're making a day of it, so if you're looking for company you'd be welcome to join us. You will probably receive lots of contacts, but let me know if we can help. Looking forward to being inexplicable! chrissATstoreimageDOTcom.