Monday, June 16

Holy Moly!

I didn't really believe I had enough yarn to come close to competing in the Summer of Socks 08 most socks challenge...that is until I started pulling it all out to see what I had. The scary part is, there is a huge bin in my chest freezer out in the garage that must have at least 20-30 more skeins in it as well. Did I really buy that much? Wow. At last count, there was enough in that pile to complete at least 30 pairs of socks. That doesn't count what's in the garage. Two of those skeins are also huge mill end skeins from Cherry Tree Hill that have enough for about 3 pairs each.
I do have a plan in the works for this knit a long. I've bought myself a new blue binder, and started collecting all of the sock patterns in it that I plan to knit. I would also like to match the yarn with the pattern, record all the pertinent info such as recipient, size, needles used, and modifications. For this I've included a sheet of graph paper with each pattern to take notes. My goal is to have at least half of the skeins wound and ready to go so I won't waste time doing that chore once the knit a long begins on the 21st.
Maybe I should join the 52 pair plunge as well. I just hope my desire to knit socks all summer doesn't fizzle out or get lured away by some enchanting lace project or a snuggly sweater. Time will tell! At least I know I won't "need" to purchase more sock yarn for the SOS. Yeah right. Who am I kidding?


Lovs2Knit said...

I did the same thing when we moved. I was packing it up in boxes for the move and realized I had enough for 70 pair. I know it's a lot higher then that now.

There are some really good lace sock patterns out there on Ravelry. I just made a pair for my swap pal called Tangled Faeries.

Anonymous said...

Great stash! Way more than mine. I might have to buy a few skeins to keep up with all of you!

Daniele aka