Wednesday, June 28

Cool tricks..

Ok so I was over at Jenla's blog and this really cool site that makes a flower graph using the contents of your blog was there how cool is this? I would actually stitch this on to a piece. Just cause.....It's pretty no? Here's the link if you want to give it a try. Ok after trying to capture the actual picture of it, I find out I am a total moron, and can't actually show you mine, but give it a try, it truly is cool.
In knitting news, I'm working on the second of my pomatomus socks, as well as a pair of plain jane ones for Mr.Man. There are also several baby projects in the works, of which I'll take some picks tommorrow. I'm off to the cottage this weekend for Canada Day. Can't wait! I need some knitting in nature time.

Thursday, June 22

And the Results are in...

I am so thrilled with the turn-out of my kool-aid dyed yarn I cannot tell you! Usually dying with kool-aid turns out bright summery, sometimes dayglo colours, but not this time...I managed to acheive beautiful deep roses, purples and greens that I hope (since I wrote most of what I did down) I can duplicate with my other skein. Look! This was the skein while still just barely damp...but I was so excited that I snapped a pic while the weather was still nice.
I figured I'd like it even better once I re-skeined it, and boy was I right!

The first pictures I took outside because I thought it would really show the true colours well, but I think it was actually a little too bright. So I took another shot on top of my keyboard which really showcases the colours a little better.

I can't wait to knit this stuff up! It may actually become a beautiful intricate lacey sweater and blanket for my little niece Mia coming in October. We'll have to see how it swatches up.
Thanks again pal, you have totally inspired me to get the creative juices flowing again.

Wednesday, June 21

Someone has been paying attention

to this stressed out mom's blog. I recieved a wonderful package from my secret pal today! So great in fact that part of it is being played with as we speak. She must have been reading my mind, since I was just about to place an order for some "paint your own" laceweight from knitpicks this afternoon, and *poof! it appears in my mailbox, with all of the koolaid a girl could ask for to start dying it! See......

I used the green and the blue kool-aid along with some Grape and Cherry. It's cooking as I type. There were two 880 yd skeins (I'm making plans for the other one right now)

Thoughtful pal also sent many other treats..a fantastic puzzle that Ms. Abby just spent an hour mastering before her nap.( I think that this puzzle may have already been claimed by her, since I have a feeling that when the boys get home she won't let them anywhere near it). I also found some wonderful bath and body products, cute little heart shaped charms that I may be using soon for a neice I have on the way, some very nice butterfly potholders, candles and tea towels( yes I love butterflies) which match the green in my kitchen, a keychain, and the piece de resistance....a sleeping mask that reads, "Mom's sleeping, go as Dad!" How perfect is that?

What a great treat pal, I truly appreciate the thought you put into the package. Thankyou!

That laceweight looks to me like a shawl, but I'll have to see what the wool looks like skeined up before I decide. The colours are turning out lie Lavender and roses.....hmmmm who knew kool-aid could be so pretty?

Saturday, June 17

When Josh was Born................

We thought the world was crashing down. He was 8 weeks early, and we were totally caught by surprize. He came into the world like a bolt of lightning. Despite the fact that he was so early, he was 5lbs 12oz, not a scrawny little guy by any means. He spent 4 weeks at CHEO in the NICU, and finally we got to bring this special baby home. Today my Josh is 6 years old. He has grown up so much, and like that little bolt of lightning that flew into this world, he is a healthy active (sometimes too active) perfect little man that I adore. He's incredibly sensitive, and always knows when I need a hug, he's extremely intelligent, very intuitive of others needs and feelings, and he is a loving caring brother to all of his siblings. I could not be a prouder mom on this day, of my generous, perfect(well most of the time) little man. Happy Birthday Josh.

Friday, June 16

As Promised..

Here are a couple of photos if the thong socks I knit for my BIL. The picture quality isn't the greatest since I took them when I was half co-herent at 1:30 am during our weekly poker night. They turned out pretty well if I do say so myself.. I adapted er...changed just about everything in the pattern, since I didn't like the shape of the toes in Twisted Sister's Sock Workbook. In the end he was thrilled with them. I have also been working a little on my snowdrop shawl, as well as doing ALOT of "required knitting". The countdown is on, until school ends.....4 kids...all the time...eating everything in the fridge...begging for something to do....whining mommmm Shane just hit me......mommmm......Josh is copying everything I say.........AHHHH Summer Break, a secret plot to teach moms about patience.

Ok.. so this last one has nothing to do with knitting, but I thought it was hilarious that it looks like the dealer is picking our buddy Rico's nose. The socks(bottom centre) thought it was funny too. I won this particular game by the way. as a means to buy more yarn. I think I'm onto something.

Thursday, June 8

Summer is definately here in Northern Ontario, and I couldn't be happier! We've been out and about alot this past week...hence the lack of blogging, but I did manage to accomplish a bit of knitting. The thong socks are done courtesy of a couple of hours at my son's baseball games this week( a picture will come once my BIL tries them on), and I have gotten a lot of other little things done too...of course I can't show that. I do have some pics of my BIL's graduation from teacher's college. We are all so proud of him! He is moving away in August though, which makes us a little sad. I, however, am quite excited at the prospect , because that will mean more trips to the GTA since he's moving to Barrie. Woo hoo! yarn stores! I should explain that last comment. We only have one LYS here in Sudbury and it is tiny, and full of acrylic. YUCK! I shop alot online. Unfortunately this post is anything but interesting, so, I'll entertain you with some pictures of people you have never met!

Derek and his diploma Shane "on deck" first game of the year.