Monday, December 26

No Pressure knitting!

Hooray! Christmas knitting is over! Finally I can pick up a project just for fun. Although as a new years resolution I am going to try and knock off some of my WIP's, so I can have a fresh start this year. I have also marked this year as a de-stash the acrylic year because I much prefer natural fibres. I'll probably keep just enough for fun baby projects and toys for the kids. E-Bay here I come! I'd say about 400-500 balls of acrylic to sell. On to more socks. DH's are finally done. I grafted the toe of the last one last night. This time I didn't suffer from Second Sock Syndrome! The Patons Kroy was awesome to knit up. Everyone is always impressed thinking I actually made up the stripe pattern. (hee hee)...Ya right! Off to a cup of coffee and my knitting. SHHHHHHHHH the babies are sleeping. ;-)

Friday, December 23


OK I got a couple of Christmas gifts early this year, and I have to say I scored. Mom got me a beautiful quilt rack which will be prominently displayed in my kitchen(love it) and I was also thrilled to recieve a beautiful down filled baby blue sporty winter coat. Does mom know me or what? My lovely and beautiful sister Karen bought me a book. I love books. Especially books that were actually on my wish list. I have to tell you that I have already finished the book...on my long trip back home from Ottawa. Yarn Harlot is hilarious. And husband does not know why I could get so excited about reading a book about knitting, and the life stories that go along with it. "What are you laughing at" he would say as he sped down highway 17 at alarming speeds( which is why I read or knit in the car in the first place..distraction is good medicine for paranoia). Every page was a fantastic story which much parallells my own life. Kids, knitting, no time to knit because of the "TAKE". I could go on and on, but the bottom line this book this was the best read I have had in a while(even if it did only take me 4 hours). Canadian Knitters Rock!!!.. You go Steph!