Thursday, April 27

Mommy Gets A Break

I'm headed to Toronto tommorow for a well deserved break. We'll be here, and I cant wait! Kidless, hubbyless, in yarn and fabric wonderland!!! How lucky am I?

I'm bringing along Adamas II with me. I finally finished the first one (courtesy my spoiler from SP7 last week, just in time for a wedding I'm going to in Ottawa next week. I know I promised pics, but the camera is packed folks'll have to wait.

I'll let y'all see what I bought when I get back.

Monday, April 17

Chocolate Overload!

What do you get when three kids wake up at 6am on easter morning? Uncontrolled Chaos! Between all of the "I saw that one first!" , and " Moooooom Shane can't eat chocolate this early right!" I am exausted. I swear my kids bounced off the walls for 12 hours straight. If I never see the easter bunny again it will be too soon. I did manage to get some knitting done though. My man graciously removed the kidlets from the house for about 2 hours so I could decompress from the morning's activities. We had dinner at the in-laws as well so I didn't have to cook either. I suppose life isn't so bad afterall.
I've been trying to finish up some patterns for the book, and I have been knitting on the last bit of Adamas trying to finish it up. It's taking me about 15 minutes a row! but only half a repeat to go.

Here's some pictures of the festivities yesterday...Aren't they cute? Hyper and jacked up on chocolate, but cute!

Friday, April 7

Too Much!!

I knew my secret pal was fantastic, but today she totally outdid herself. Too Much Jae! I could not have imagined a more perfect package than this...although I think you went a little overboard! Check this out!! The book I have been coveting for the last few months is in my hands as we speak! I tried looking for it locally, and I just couldn't get it! My husband thought I was nuts when I started jumping up and down over this book. ( he would have done the same thing for some golf balls) The Tim Horton's explanation required, y'all know how much I dig the stuff. She also sent me a fantastic little tube for carrying all of my DPN's and crochet hooks etc in without them stabbing me through my knitting bag. Genious pal, genious. Sinfully scrumptious chocolate looks like a bear claw of some type with pecans, caramel etc...all the things that make stressed out mommies feel better. And last but not least..Fabulous Knitpicks sock yarn in the best colours ever! I feel some spring socks about to jump on the needles! Pal...when the book comes out you definately get a free copy. You have been the best of the best. I'm off to check out your blog now that I know who you are! Thanks a million!

Thursday, April 6

What do Y'all Think.

So Last night I was stuck. I need a good beginner idea for my book, and since I'm not really in touch with what beginner's are capable of these days( see my SP7 spoilee's amazing jump from beginner knitter to stitch diva in a very short period of time). I was thinking a felted bag of some sort, but then my mind wandered into all kinds of colourwok etc...So...Here's the survey:

1.Socks for beginners ie: basic sock pattern cuff down or toe up. Maybe a little cabled something thrown in .

2. Beginner lace scarf (easy repeats to remember) no huge charts

3. Christmas stocking ( with alphabet to personalize)

4. Super easy shrug pattern knit in one piece from bottom up

5. Easy baby sweater hat and blankie

6. Felted tote bag.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

I haven't picked up my shawl since my last post, and it is sitting there looking all droopy and sad, saying finish me! block me! wear me! The baby was in the hospital all day yesterday and I had no desire to knit through my worry. Some people knit well when they are stressed or worried, I on the other hand don't . I make mistakes . Here's mister sicky as of 5 minutes ago....breaks your heart doesn't it? He looks peaceful now, but last night he cried for 5 hours straight. We were all worried he had caught the RSV virus, which is a respiratory virus that can lead to bronchitis or pneumonia at best, and can be deadly in small babies if left untreated. This little man was 10 weeks premature (which makes him very succeptible to this virus) and we had been taking him once a month for a shot to prevent RSV. Turns out, he does have an infection of some sort, but they aren't sure it's RSV or not. We should know by this afternoon when the bloodwork comes back. Cross your fingers!

Tuesday, April 4

I really do need to start blogging

I have been really neglectful of my blog lately. (There are excuses, to which I'll enlighten you later in this post). I do however have a FO and an almost finished adamas shawl to post about. The shawl is not done, but there are only 2 repeats and the border left .The socks however are done. I love this colourway from Regia. It's part of the Canadian line of colours, and it happens to be the Manitoba colourway. I'm not from Manitoba, but this colour just jumped in the basket and came home with me. Actually, the Ontario colour just didn't do it for me. Here's a pic:

Cute aren't they? The picture was taken at night, but the colours are still pretty close.
Here's the Adamas Shawl's really hard to open up the whole thing because those 400 sts are all crammed on the circs, but I held it up to the light so you could get an idea of how the pattern is coming out.

Did I mention I love this pattern? Thanks Secret Pal...Whoever you are! I still don't know who she is yet. My spoilee figured out who I was pretty quick.
I'm so not good at keeping secrets for long.
Speaking of secrets....I can't keep this one for too much longer cause it's killing me. I've been soooo busy right now because I'm writing a book!!!! A knitting book to be exact. Whew...OK it's out there. It's still really early on in the planning stages, but I hope to have it out by next spring if all goes well.
There have been alot of 3am bedtimes, and blog neglecting, and KAL neglecting going on around here, but I promise it will stop soon. I miss my groups! I miss my blog! I miss my knitting just for the pleasure of knitting!