Wednesday, January 31

Getting organized

I was thinking alot about all of my unfinished projects the other day, and decided it really was getting out of hand. I have resigned myself to the fact that I am a great starter, and not such a great finisher. My list may not be as long as yours, but I think I could give alot of you a run for your money. So..I'm putting it out there, for all to see, so I can keep better track of finishing things, and actually start finishing stuff. I'm designating Tuesdays for UFO's. Here's the list

Pink Butterfly beaded scarf - half done
Pomotamous socks- 1 sock done the other OTN and completed cuff
Gathering Intentions Sweater - Back done, 2 sleeves, half done
Lorna's Laces Jaywalkers - 2 at a time half done
Shell socks from Knitting Vintage Socks- 1 sock done other not even started
Plain Vanilla Socks for Mr.Man -1 sock done, other not started yet
Apple Tree Shawl (my own design) -1/3 done
Icarus II wedding shawl for a co-worker- done 4 repeats of the first chart.
Snowdrop Shawl - need 1 more repeat and a border
Comfy Cardi (my own design)- Back ,1 front and 1 sleeve done
Lizard Ridge blanket- 2 squares done
Cherry Tree Hill socks for me -1 sock 1/3 done
Cotton Cabled Tank from Summer Cast-On 3/4 done

I'm sure there's a few more tucked away in the deep deep crevasse known as the knitting closet, but I can't remember right now.
Now which ones to finish first??

Sunday, January 28

I Shall Oblige

I have been really remiss in posting some photos of stuff I've been working on, so ..since my secret pal asked so nicely, I'll post a pic or
two. Here are some plain vanilla socks done two at a time on circulars YAY!!! I conquered that one! As well, we have some yummilicious sock yarn aquisitions, Lorna's Laces Sheperd sock in Watercolour, and Fall Leaves(below). I already have the fall leaves on the needles(2 at a time again) but as Jaywalkers . I'm not sure how I'm liking the colour pooling that is going on, but I'll have to see. The last shot is of the back of my Gathering Intenetions sweater by Fiona Ellis. What a great satisfying cable knit. The arems are about 1/3 done as well, but they look just like sleeves, so I didn't take a picture yet. Hopefully the next time I post about this sweater I will be wearing it. As for all of my ailments, it looks like I have Pneumonia. Lovely predicament isn't it? Not much they can do for me except insist t hat I rest alot. Mr. Man has been pretty understanding, and even though he is working full time as well, he is making extra effort to make sure I'm getting enough sleep. I caught a gem I tell ya. So...I'm off to take a little lie down. Happy Sunday everyone.

Thursday, January 25

Well Over Due

I'm really overdue for a post or ten...sorry to the three regulars I get over here in Stickchicky land. I have so many things to post about, but most require picture which I haven't had the stamina to take lately. Work is kicking my butt....not to mention a house full of sick people. Me being one of them. I've had this nasty little on again off again cold going on since November that I can't seem to shake. There has been knitting though. I did manage to finish a couple of pairs of socks, and am about half-way through my Gathering Intentions sweater. Overnight work certainly does provide for a lot of knitting time, just not so much family time, and daylight hours.
Once spring rolls around I'm sure my sniffly nose tired shell of a body will finally be back to normal. Any good home remedies out there to stave off the cold?. I've tried every drug store concoction known to man, and I just think my body feels like staging a revolt against anything artificial these days. While I've got ya here, go check out my lovely former Secret Pal spoiler Jae's blog. She's knit-a-thoning for a really great cause. Help a girl out wontcha?

Saturday, January 6

Hot Damn! I'm raisin' Knitters!

There is a joy in my heart this moment, that I'm sure a few of you can relate to. As of 5 minutes ago, my middle baby Josh(6yrs old) became a knitter. I was knitting away on a sweater (more on that later) and he out of the blue said "mom can you show me how to knit?"
This coming from the lips of my Alpha male "I never want to knit" son, who's life revolves around hockey, video games and wrestling acation figures. He had on many occasions let me know in no uncertain terms that boys who knit are wimps, and that the fact that his brother knits was "dumb". He had no interest, despite the fact that I kept reminding him that I would show him how any time he asked. Well tonight, I jumped out of my chair mid row and presented him with some yarn and needles like any good knittin' mom would do, and withing 5 sts, he was whinig for me to just let him do it by himself. We are now12 rows into a garter stitch scarf right now for which I have only had to pick up 2 sts so far. How amazing is that? He learned even faster than my 10 year old ( he is a lefty though). I am such a proud momma. I guess the knitting gene does rub off a little.
Here he is in all of his knitterly glory. Mr. Independant himself.....

Now, as for the sweater I was talking about, I recieved, Inspired Cable Knits by Fiona Ellis from my sister for Christmas, and I have begun a sweater. ....wait for it.....wait.....FOR MYSELF!!
I am so in love with this sweater, it better fit me! I've put on a few pounds since thanksgiving, and it is really ticking me off. Nothing fits anymore. I should join a run along like the 100M before April fools day or something. Then again that would seriously cut in on knitting time.
Sooner or later I'll get my sorry big butt off the knitting chair, just not this week. I'm too into my sweater.