Sunday, February 3

A Few New things

A few new knitterly items have made their way to my house this week, and I thought I'd share cause I have a few minutes before the Super bowl festivities start ( Go Patriots). The first is something I picked up at Canadian Tire * for about $19.99 in the bait and tackle section. It shall make my life bliss as I try to figure out the yardage of the hand spun on my bobbins. Every knitter/spinner needs one. It even clips to your belt so you can keep it handy. Who knew fishermen were so smart? I can even use it in the dark. SO COOL. It's made by Rapala and can count up to 1000 feet at a time.

Next up is some beautiful sock yarn I purchased from Blue-Hands Fibers I saw a little ad for them while I was trolling Ravelry, and decided to check her out. Stunning sock yarn, and just a peach to deal with.

Quick go buy her yarn. She's running dangerously low, but is suppposed to get some new stuff in her shop soon. I'm definitely looking forward to more of her yarny goodness. I'm so sorry I couldn't quite capture the true colours of this yarn, but the main colour is a salmony red, with browns and golds and a few spots of old rose pink. I'm so happy this is more of a girly colour, cause then The. Man won't beg me for this pair of socks to be knit for him. That Focaccia bread is destined for my dinner plate wit a little dollop of olive oil drizzled on my plate to dip into. Yumm...... Last but not least, I've gotta send you over to Necia's blog. She was my secret pal for SP7 , and I dyed and spun her some yarn for the exchange. She's

knitting it up into a gawjus (as she would say) Pi shawl in combination with some of her own hand spun. I can't wait to see how it turns out. It's like seeing a baby grow up...every skein of hand spun has it's own story...this story was especially for her, and I'm so pleased to see it become something so beautiful.

* Canadian Tire is a hardware and car servicing( and everything else home improvement or outdoorsey) institution in this country. Don't know what we'd do without them.


Dee said...

I'm so glad you liked it so much and yes, I'm dangerously low but I got a new shipment in late last week (11 lbs! eek!). I can't wait to see what you make out of them... it was one of my first colorway combinations! Take Care!
Denise-Blue Hands Fibers

JustApril said...

Cool counter thing and the sock yarn is awesome.