Tuesday, March 27


You never know how much you miss the internet until you don't have it. We were hit by lightning 2 days ago, and I am just finally getting back online. Be back soon!

Friday, March 23


I know I said I wasn't going to draw until tommorrow morning, but I'm still up, so what the heck right?My trusty Mr.Man got a kick out of being the official number picker for the contest. I am so pleased at the turnout! I hope you all come back and visit every now and then. I got a real kick out of reading all of the comments. Melissa of is the winner of the must be nice cause I bought it twice book, and Karen wins the yarn. This contest stuff is really fun, I think I may have to do it more often. It feels great to give stuff away no? Karen I need your e-mail address so I can send you some stuff! Melissa, I've already sent you an e-mail. Congrats ladies, and knit on!

Wednesday, March 21

Ask and Ye shall recieve

Ok so I guess this is turning out to be a real contest afterall, so I'm adding another prize so I can spread the dumb assedness love around. A big thank you to Chris for mentioning my contest on her blog. Reading all of your comments today is a ball of fun! Keep em coming. The sock yarn is Four Seasons Hot Socks Sockenwolle in colour 287, and the other yarn is a local treasure Manitoulin Yarns Wooly Harvest in some purpely/blues. I'm almost done my Gathering Intentions, so I hope to be able to post a photo by this weekend! Yay!! Have a great Wednesday everyone.

Monday, March 19


So, apparently, no one reads this blog, or everybody already has the book I'm giving away, cause only two of you have left comments! Cummon guys! Show me some love....I may even throw in a little something soft and squishy to knit with. Just leave a comment between now and Thursday night at 11 pm EST (cause that is about my bedtime) and I'll do a drawing on Friday. There, now that that is out of the way, I can talk about my wonderful little mini getaway.
First, some yarn *porn*:

The top photo is 2 skeins of Apple Laine Sock yarn in Winter's Dawn colourway; 1 Skein of Misti Alpaca Laceweight
Next up, A new book....Very cute stuff to knit for the guy in your life, and a pair of socks that I knit entirely on my trip (that must have been a record)
And Finally, the Piece de Resistance......A luscious silky skein of Handmaiden Sea Silk, and a sliver of Fleece Artist Silk Merino roving. YUMMMM!!!!!
Does anyone have a fantastic pattern for a single lonely skein of Sea Silk? It has to be special..I really love this stuff, but at $38/100 grams, I'm afraid to knit with it.
Suggestions Please!
Our Trip was great. No traffic on the way there, sunny skies, and about 10 degrees celcius. Perfect!

My mom had home-made meatloaf ready for us when we arrived, and it was sooooo good.
Marc and I managed to get out to the casino, just so we could lose all our money, butwe had a blast anyway. This was our first time out sans enfant since May of last year. We really need to get out more. Being the week of the dumb ass, I forgot to take my camera, so alas, no photos of the festivities. Wednesday, we shopped, and shopped till the kids couldn't take it anymore. Let's just say, thank God for IKEA ball pits. The end result of the little shopping spree, is that I decided my bathroom needed a complete remodeling all based around a really pretty shower curtain I bought. Marc was thrilled.....*not* So, this week is all about the paint, and fixtures, and bathmats to match. It's only a couple of days work, with really big pay off.

As for knitting, as you can see, I managed to knit an entire pair of socks on the trip. Gathering Intentions also saw a little face time, hopefully it will be done by next weekend. Just in time for me to return to work. Wahhhhh!

Sunday, March 18

Since I'm so dumb, I'll have a contest!

Well not really a contest, but more like a giveaway, cause I have got to be the stupidest Amazon Shopper in the world! I bought myself two of these :

I thought I was being all smart using the one click shopping, until I was sent two invoices for the same book! Anyways, rather than cry about it, I will share the love, so I will randomly choose one person to win this lovely book. All comments left before 11pm EST Thursday March 22 will be entered into the draw.
I've also got lots to tell you about my trip, but I'm painting my bathroom at the moment, and was just stopping for a quick break. More tommorrow!

Sunday, March 11

A Trip!

I am really exited for the coming week. We are going to Ottawa to visit with my parents, and I can't wait. Real Yarn Shops! With the kids being off for spring break, and me being off on sick leave we thought it would be the perfect time to get away and recharge our batteries. The only dissapointment is that the Rideau Canal closes today. I'm a little bummed about that, since I wanted to bring the kids for a skate, but I guess sinking through the ice really wouldn't be much fun anyway. I did however promise my Josh (my 6 yr old) that we would make a special trip for a Beaver Tail. He had a bite or two as a baby when we lived in Ottawa, but doesn't remember, and he can't wrap his head around how we could possibly eat the tail of a beaver. He'll soon see how one cannot live without this gooey, sugary most wonderful taste of the Capital. I have big plans to surprise Mr.Man with a romantic night to ourselves at a really nice hotel. We really need the break, and since we didn't really celebrate on Valentine's day, I plan to make up for it. Mom is going to babysit ( I hope) and we may even get to sleep in. Can't wait! Cant wait! Can't wait!

Saturday, March 3

I Bet Ya Didn't Know

I'm not too sure if I've ever mentioned it before or not, but I make wedding cakes. It's just a little something I do on the side for some extra cash. I wish I could do it full time, but I'm not sure my nerves could handle it. Making someone's wedding cake is a very special thing. There are few "traditional" wedding ceremonies left, but cake cutting seems to be one that has stuck. If you screw up someone's wedding cake, you are jeopardizing part of thier "Day". This always haunts me when I'm travelling to the reception site, wondering if my days of baking and preparation will go flying with every bump. Today was no different, and I did have a minor mishap, but all is well now. My centre tier took a little nose-dive into the cake box during travel, but nothing my little kit of icing bags couldn't fix. Here's the cake as it was when I left the hall.....let's hope nobody stuck their thumb in it before the bride arrived. Not a perfect cake by any means, but pretty candlelight and dim lights hide all sins right?

Friday, March 2

One Word Friday

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Thursday, March 1

A Very Special Job

Mr. Man's family is French Canadian, and with that comes a whole slew of traditions I had never heard of. My sister in law is getting married next September, and I have been asked as the "resident knitter" of the family to do a very special job. There is a wedding tradition ( look under Canada scroll down half a page, I'll wait) which involves me knitting the longest ugliest socks I have ever created, for my brother in law. I can't wait !! I figure I'll use up alot of my uber-colorful sock yarn left-overs. I may even add some jingle bells, sequins, beads etc to make things interesting. And I have a year and a half to do them! That should be manageable I hope. In other funny random things, I was reading The Harlot's blog the other day and read about a nasty e-mailer she's been dealing with. I thought it might be funny to show you this list of other "Canadian" words. I'm feeling much better today than I was last time I posted. I'm still really sore in the navel area, but I'm told that is to be expected. No more gall stones though! I'm off to catch a few minutes in my knitting chair. Nothing beats Tim Horton's and sock knitting!