Thursday, April 21

Technical Difficulties

My computer is down for a bit. Hope to have it fixed soon. Hope everyone is well. I'll have to suffer through library computers for a week or two. Miss ya all. Have a great weekend

Wednesday, April 6

Neglectful Me

Well unfortunately I've been so sick the last few days, and exausted beyond belief that I have really neglected blogging, and knitting alike. It is everything for me to drag my sorry butt out of bed this week. But.. in a moment of periodic wellness here I am. Still alive and kicking. The guesses have been rolling in for my little contest, and I'm finding it a hoot to read all of them. So far the concencus has leaned strongly towards a boy........I guess we'll see!! I'm just as anxious to find out myself. I do however have a closer idea as to the due date, but I'll keep that a secret for just a little longer until I get my ultrasound. It's looking like it will be about the first week of May or so. I'll keep y'all posted. I did manage to start a baby blanket this week, but only managed a few rows because knitting is still making me nautious. GASP! The Clapotis has been sitting for a week or so, but I hope to pick it up again in the next couple of days. I have come up with a couple of cool prizes for the contest winner one of which is a set of handmade 10k goldplate stitch markers, as well as some yummy stash from knitpicks. Hope you all had a great weekend. Everyone knit a row or two for me...I hope this sickness subsides soon...I don't know how long I can handle not knitting. Happy Wednesday!!!

Friday, April 1

Thanks a bunch!

I just want everyone to know I really appreciate all the well wishes and suggestions to tame my sick tummy. It really is hard to knit when doing it makes me nautious. Ginger tea really does work! So does sniffing newspaper(kinda) the only problem with it is the un-appealing smell. I did manage one repeat on my clapotis this week, but that's about it. I think some little baby things are in order...AGAIN!! I thought I was done with the baby knitting, guess not. Only problem is...we have no clue if it's a boy or a girl. I have boy feelings, but hubby thinks it's another girl! A girl would be great. Then we'd have two of each! It would save alot of bedroom headaches, since we only have three bedrooms, and the boys share now. Maybe I should have a contest to guess the birthdate, and the sex of the baby. HMMMM I think I could set that up. Surprises for the winner! We will be finding out the sex by ultrasound just to make life a little easier, so I should know in a month or two the answers. OK it's official, there's a contest. Leave a comment and I'll keep track. The closest to the predicted birthdate, and the correct sex wins. In case of a tie, I'll come up with another question for those who tied. Ahh some entertainement for me. I can't wait to read all the guesses. I will give one hint....I have no clue when I concieved, although I should be due either in November or December.
Have fun. Knit lots. Happy Friday!!!!!