Wednesday, June 13

Kitty Newsflash!

Two posts in one day I know, but remember my sad kitty story? Remember how there were three kittens, and the momma came and took one but left the other two? Well disappearing kitten # 3 has returned! And big n' fluffy n' cute as can be. I walked into my garage tonight to grab some ice cream from the freezer, and I heard a kitten crying. Thinking I was losing my mind, I walked out and closed the door. 2 minutes later I went back in and I heard it again! Marc was in the pool with the boys, and I had to wait for him to come back cause I thought it was up in the rafters. We went for a little hunt in the garage to find little plump kitty # 3 under our shelves.
Now here's my dilemma, I really want to take him in, but his momma has obviously been feeding him. I'm sure she's around wondering what I've done with her baby. But, on the flip side, chances are he would just end up being another stray cat in the neighborhood. He needs a home right? What to do? Oh and the contest...I still want to have it, but since I only have three entries I think I'll let it go till the end of the month. That way we can see how the kitten saga will end. Sorry to those of you who have given their suggestions already, there is still one I'm VERY fond of. As it stands now, he's been fed some water, and has a nice warm fleece lined box to sleep in on my front porch. I really kinda hope he's still there in the morning.
Such drama on a Wednesday night!

Can you feel the heat yet?

Ok, so I noticed the new Knitty before they even sent out the e-mail and I am absolutely casting this on tonight Love. It. Plus it's a little reward for myself since I've lost 8 pounds since my "get fit" plan. I love the shaping at the neck. Now I just need to figure out what I am going to make it out of. I have a cotton nylon blend that will definitely work, but it's off white, and I'm not too sure 8 pounds is enough to pull of white just yet. I also have some sage green in the stash( elann sonata) but I'm not sure about getting gauge with it. I did some stash swimming today, so I'm sure I'll come up with something. Speaking of's frickin' hot in these parts, and I think the kids and I are going for a swim really soon.
Note to self: Purchase air conditioning.Fast.

Monday, June 11

New Knitty!

New Knitty is up! New Knitty is up! Alhough there are a few things I probably am not crazy about, there are 3 or 4 things I'd love to make right now.I'll come back and talk about what I just casted on this week.. Yay! Summer Knitty

Tuesday, June 5

Very Very Sad

I'm very sad today because I have to tell everyone that both kitties have gone to kitty heaven. I fed and loved and pretended to be mama for them, but they were too little and too weak to fight whatever illness came over them. It breaks my heart, so much so, that we've decided to go to the humane society and adopt another. I had already grown really attached to them, and they had already become part of the family. I am still going to honor my contest though, since I will still need a name for our new Kitty to be. but...I will extend it until Friday because I'd like to go see what beautiful kittens they have at the SPCA. One name in particular has really tickled my fancy, and I actually went so far as to use it on one of the kittens...I'm not telling yet though. There still may be another name I like just as much out there in the brains of you knitters. It's silly I know to be so sad for little kittens that really didn't have alot of chance to begin with since they were abandoned, but I feel like I'm grieving the loss of a long time pet(s). I'll check in if we adopt a new kitten this week!