Thursday, January 31


I made a total bonehead move...I was knitting away on the last 2 inches of Mr.Greensleeves body and noticed I had been working the body totally wrong the whole time. I did a cable repeat throughout without the 4 stitch stockinette panels in between. I guess I should have paid attention to the pattern. BONEHEAD. I think I'll block it out tonight and see how it looks and fits. As long as it fits I think I'll just leave it. I'll try to update with some pics tonight before I go to work.
To distract you I'll show you the felted bag I plan to needle felt tonight as well. I just need to find the perfect handles. Oh, and I'm toying with a little blog re-design. I was starting to find the green a little blinding. What do ya think?

Wednesday, January 30

Where I'm from

I was reading Kitkatknit and she mentioned the "famous people" from her area. Here's a huge list from my home town Ottawa, Ontario. Alot of these I knew about, but some I was unaware of
Interestin stuff!
This is a list of notable people from Ottawa, Ontario or who have lived in Ottawa:
Dan Aykroyd, actor, comedian (he went to high school with my dad/ same year)
Paul Anka, singer (is my highschool friend's godfather)
Margaret Atwood, writer
Derek R. Audette, artist, poet, musician
Eva Avila, 4th season Canadian Idol champion
James Baker, former NHLer

Billy Boucher, NHL hockey player
Fred Brathwaite, NHL hockey player
Rod Brind'Amour, NHL hockey player
Tom Cavanagh, actor
Keshia Chante, singer
King Clancy, hockey player, coach and referee
Sarah Chalke, actor

Adrienne Clarkson, former Governor General of Canada
Bruce Cockburn, Singer
Tom Cruise, actor (lived briefly in Ottawa)
Barry and Brian Cullen brothers and former NHLers from Ottawa
Ben Eager, NHL hockey player
Jeremy Gara, drummer for The Arcade Fire

Tom Green, comedian
Lorne Greene, actor
Elisabeth Harvor, novelist
Jessica Holmes, actor, comedian
Peter Jennings, journalist
Yousuf Karsh, portrait photographer

Rich Little, comedian
Steven MacLean, Astronaut
Peter Mansbridge, journalist
Princess Margriet of the Netherlands (sister of the queen)
Massari, R&B artist
Frank McGee, hockey player
Earl McRae, award-winning journalist
Alanis Morissette, singer/songwriter
Sandra Oh, actor
Jesse Palmer, NFL football player
Frank Patrick, hockey player and builder
Matthew Perry, actor
Simon Pulsifer, prolific contributor to Wikipedia

Nancy Greene Raine, olympic skier.
Kelly Rowan, actor.
Marc Savard, NHL hockey player.
Barbara Ann Scott, figure-skating Olympic gold-medalist of the 1940s.
Bruce Stuart, hockey player.
Linda Thom, olympic gold medallist.
Alex Trebek, game show host.
Rick Vaive, NHL hockey player.
Steve Yzerman, NHL hockey player. ( dated his brother in high school, they lives 2 blocks from me growing up)
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Wednesday, January 23

Chin up it's almost done...

Two more days of work then I'll be able to get my crap together and post some proper photos of my finished CPH as well as a few other little things. It's been a crazy but very productive week. Work is throwing me a bunch of new projects, so I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Almost done...i just have to keep that chant in my head.

Friday, January 11

Ick...snow sucks

A quickie post cause I'm working a 16 hour day today, but I've found the camera..I've taken a few photos of craptastic quality, but Some photos are better than none right?
I need to pack a few small projects to take along with me's going to be a long one.
We are getting hit with a bunch of snow today too. I really hate driving in it. The commute into town for work should be fun. OK I'll quit whining, and put up a few photos.

First up Central Park hoodie right before I seamed the arms in and seamed up the hood
Next up is the finished Koolhaas hat that is slightly smaller than I'd like but I'm hoping that a good blocking will fix that

And Henry, dear henry...when will you be cast off? Hopefully this week. This one is beautiful but tedious.
Catch you all on the flipside...maybe I will post from work tonight to try and wake myself up.

ETA * I'm still at work and barely awake...I may have had a moment of weakness and cast on a new project. But....I did finish the socks too. Details later.

Thursday, January 10

If Cleanliness is next to Godliness, then where is my frickin' camera?

I've been finishing FO's like a madwoman the last couple of days. The CPH is done but for a zipper and my Koolhaas hat was cast off last night as well. Henry is 4 rows away from being done. But...I can't find the frickin' camera! it's been missing since New Years Day. That will teach me to organize my I can't find anything. So in an attempt to distract you from the lack of FO photos, I'll show you some pretty pictures of Celtic icon blocking. It's already been given to the recipient, and she loved it, but I don't have a modeled shot yet...

I was really happy with the way the whole thing turned out. I even got the zipper in the first try! Thank heavens cause I was on a deadline. The sweater was delivered on Christmas eve at 9:00 pm.

This week I am attempting to clean my knitting slate a little so I can enjoy knitting again. WIP's just seem to make me feel pressured. Maybe if I cast on a little less and finished a little more I wouldn't feel this way.
Up for completion are:
*Henry (no problem)
*EZ's Norwegian mittens
*pair of socks (one is 98% done)
* felted bag that has been languishing a really long time in the basket (like a year and a half)
* a wisp scarf started in October that was going to be a Christmas gift, but never got there

If I can finish all of these things before January ends I'll feel like I have accomplished something

Here's a little pic of the carnage at Christmas . My Dad was having a blast checking out all the toys, and installing batteries.

If all goes well I'll find my camera and have a bunch of FO's to show you all.

Tuesday, January 1

A New Year

Today I have big plans...plans to get organized, plans to eat healthier (I'm going to try vegetarianism) and plans to have an even better family than I do now. I'm sure I won't succeed in everything I try this year, but I'm sure gonna try hard. I'd also like to renew my commitment to blogging. I'd really like to blog at least twice a week. I've had some health issues dealt with, and I've gotten some answers. So, now with the fresh New Year air blown back into me, I'm trying for a fresh start.
I hope all of you out there have a fantastic 2008. I plan to. My motto for this year, "Just let life happen".