Thursday, March 6

Headed for the T Dot

Well, mother nature has launched a massive viral attack on my body this week, so I've been bed-ridden for a couple of days. I did get a couple of sick days out of the deal though, so there was much bed-knitting going on. We're headed for Toronto next Tuesday for a long awaited appointment at sick kids for my youngest to see an eye specialist. Not such a fun reason to go to the T Dot but, I just might get a Romni and Lettuce Knit visit in before I come home. We plan to pack a few fun activities in for the kids as well. We've got the ROM on Tuesday afternoon, and the CN Tower in the evening. I've done both a few times but the kids have never been, so it should be fun.
I need to be feeling better by the time we leave or they won't let me in the hospital, so here's hoping the drugs put me out of my misery. Back to bed with some tea...night


JustApril said...

Hope you get better real soon! Have fun on your little trip, hope the news at the doc is good.

Ruinwen said...

Hope you feel better soon! :)