Friday, February 23

All you need is Yarn

You know when you are having a miserable week, and you can't quite put your finger on what it is you need to make you feel better, or what the heck that craving is for? I was having a week like that until today. Marc walked on down to the mailbox today and brought me the best pick me up I could have asked for! My Secret Pal totally rocks! Her package could not have come on a better day. What better to fix a craving than sock yarn? Enough for 3 pairs!,Cherry Tree Hill in Indian Summer Colourway, some C*eye*ber fibre and some Canadian Colours Regia, some perfect little dpn's, the cutest keychain Hello Kitty mini scissors (a girl can never have enough scissors) oh wait! that's not all, Some really cool stitch markers (Boye) that you can leave open, or snap closed in a great little case, a tape measure set, row counters, and the best little washcloth I have ever seen. I think It's from Mason Dixon Knitting if I'm not mistaken. I LOVE IT!!! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou made my whole week.

Thursday, February 22


So...I'm back from the hospital, in one piece ..well minus a piece, but alive and well none the less. I am in considerable pain, I can't stand up without help, and I can't pick up anything heavier than my coffee cup, but I am happy to say that my gall bladder will no longer cause me anymore agony.
The folks at the hospital were great even though I caused them a little more of a stressful day when I stopped breathing a couple of times, but all is well now. Wanna see some pictures?
If you are a little sensitive to photos with incision content, please avert your eyes, It's really not too bad to look at though considering my bloated belly is the most heinous part..

Those are three of the four cuts they made (the other one is in the belly button)
I'm told I should be back to normal in a week. Let's hope that's the case cause it hurts like hell right now. I have been knitting a bit on some socks, but anything requiring more than plain stockinette will have to wait. The drugs make me really loopy, and totally incapable of following a pattern.
Time for a little lie down I think. Night all.

Friday, February 16

Needle Love

I am a happy camper today. I just got my hands on some of these
and I couldn't be more thrilled. Finally after a ton of feedback, Addi has come through BIG TIME!! I only own a few Addi circulars, but they always seem to be the ones I turn to for comfort knitting . You just can't beat em'(while Knitpicks is really close). I do love the knitpicks needles, and have bought 3 or 4 sizes of their options circulars, but I have had 2 cables come apart on me. Addi to the rescue! I now am the proud owner of size 1 addi circulars (2 sets for my 2 socks on 2 circs)with nice pointy tips, and smooth lovely joints Hooray!! I have some FO's to speak of, but no pictures yet. They're just socks anyways, but I have 2 pair done so far, so I can cross them of the list. My Cherry Tree hill anklet socks, and a pair of STR G-rocks socks that weren't even on the list. They match my PJ's for the hospital, so I wanted to motor through them to wear when I'm there. Nurses love to knit, and I know they will appreciate my nice hand knit socks! This is my first time trying STR and I do have to say I'm thrilled about it too. Squishy, sproingy cushy yarn, that is dyed to perfection. I love it almost as much as Cherry Tree Hill (which has now become my mainstay sock yarn). I find The STR slightly thicker than CTH, which makes for a slightly denser fabric on my 2 mm needles, but it isn't quite as silky as CTH. I guess I like a little shine to my sock yarn. I love it anyways, and I'm sure I will buy more. I also bought some STR in the Terra Firma colourway, which is destined to become some socks for The Man. 3 Days and counting till I get this rotten little gall bladder out. Can't wait to be relieved of the agony it's causing me. Since I don't have any FO photos to show you, I'll pull one out of the album that I think is really cool. This is a wall hanging made completely out of silk ribbon, and woven over a mirror. I thought it was fantastic. It is hanging in a ribbon store on Queen St. in Toronto. Fabulous No?

Tuesday, February 13

I Hate Hospitals

Today I return (for the 3rd time) to the hospital for my pre-op tests. Yippee Skippee more poking and proding! The funny thing is, I was a nurse for 6 years, and I now currently work for our national blood service, but I detest having blood removed from my body. I bruise easily, and my arms are always left mangled. The big day for surgery is next Tuesday, so I'm sure there will be much more where that came from. As long as it doesn't hinder my ability to knit I suppose I can survive right? Wish me luck, I'll catch y'all tommorow.

Wednesday, February 7

Sad But True

I haven't been well lately, as some of you who read regularily know, and today I got some disturbing news....apparently, there are gall stones almost the size of golf balls trying to push themselves out of my gall bladder. No wonder I've been in such agony! My doctor phoned me today to confirm what I suspected, and to have me come in tommorow to set a surgery date in the very near future. Fun times!! The plus side to all of this is, I'll be laid up for a while, and I'll be able to start finishing up some of that ginormous list of projects I have on the go. I hope to be bed-ridden for at least a few days, so...Mr.Man has no choice but to let me sit and knit to my little heart's content. Oh...did I also mention that I get 3 weeks off work? No? Well that rocks as well. All of these health issues though have made me wake up and realize I need to take better care of my body. No more sugar filled, high fat foods for me. I plan on making this a good excuse to get off my ass and get healthy. If it wasn't -35 here most of the time I would have started walking some more by now, but It's just too cold. Skin freezes fast around here.
I have managed to knock off a couple of things from my "to knit" list. My Cherry tree hill socks are all but done, just the last inch of cuff on the second one, and I have managed to finish the sleeves of my Gathering Intentions Sweater. Hopefully I can get the front done while I'm in the hospital, so I can have a coming home squishy warm sweater to wear in our outrageous temperatures here. I also want to thank all of you for your suggestions on yarn choices for Cromarty. After reading Wendy's post, I went and ordered the Celtic Collection book right away. Once Gathering Intenetions is finished, she will be my next knit. I'm not usually much of a bandwagon knitter, but as soon as I saw that sweater, I knew it had to be mine! Now if I could just decide what I want to knit it with. I was thinking Elann's Devon yarn, but not sure. Any thoughts? So..I'm of to pop some good drugs so that I can sleep tonight without pain that would want to make you poke your eyes out. Night all.