Monday, February 28

I Cast on again...I know I know...

Well, I cast on another project last night ( some really cute ribbed ankle socks). I decided to try my "Sock it to me Esprit" in orchid pink. I suppose I could add this as another "think pink" project. I have to say I really like this yarn. It is cotton with a bit of elastic, and it works up really nicely for this pattern. I'll be sure to post a pic as soon as I'm done. Happy Monday!

Friday, February 25

I'm such a dum dum lol

Hate to admit it, but someone s computer literate as me should know a little more about HTML and blogging. I really want to add a column on my blog for the blogs I like to read, as well as be able to have the Buttons show up properly, but I can't seem to figure it out. HELP!! If anyone out there in this big wide world can steer me the right direction I would be most appreciative. As for knitting, tonight is finish up WIP's night for me. I just got 4 balls of Pink "Sock It To Me" from (Lookie lookie I posted an inline link properly! YAY) Have to say I love them. Well off to settle in for the night. HAPPY WEEKEND everyone!

Monday, February 21

Back View of Baby's Got Back Backpack

The bag felted like a dream! I have to say I was really pleased with the turnout.

Back View Posted by Hello

Yay! I got the camera back!!

Well, as promised here is the pic of the finished bag!
The lighting is not the best, but at least I've got my camera back. Today is a crappy poo dreary day. I have a killer caffeine deprived headache, and the baby is grumpy, but I guess if I pick up the sticks I'll start to feel better. Catch Y'all later

Baby's Got Back Bag Posted by Hello

Sunday, February 20

Moving right along

Getting some stuff done this weekend, only one arm left on the cabled sweater from HE double hockey sticks! I should have worked both arms at the same time. Now I know better. I just wasn't sure if they would both fit on the needles together. Now I know that they will. WAAAAA! I still don't have my digital camera back yet. That especially sucks since I have completed a bunch of stuff that I can't post pics for yet. I think I'll walk over there later today and scoop it back. I finished one Think pink project( the felted baby backpack) a pair of felted baby ballet slippers to match, and some cashmere socks. I promise that the moment I get a hold of my camera I'll have a photo shoot.

Wednesday, February 16

Update on the booga bag

Well, it turned out great and I've recieved many compliments, but I have yet to post a pic cause "someone" aka my sister in law has hijacked my digi cam. Argghhh! So as soon as I capture it back today I'll post some more pics. Pink baby hoodie is moving along quite nicely, as is Marc's sweate. Only 1 arm to go! YAY!

Monday, February 14

Booga Bag

So last night I got tired of knitting my DH's cabled sweater and decided I should cast on yet another project. I have to admit I have been ripping through my UFO's lately and I only have 3 things on the needles at the moment (pretty darn good for me!) So... I felt I deserved a fun project to take me away from the evil cabled sweater that is beginning to bore me. The Booga Bag was it. I had some yummy pumpkin , chocolate, and raspberry colored peruvian chunky calling my name, and I felt the need to beat a project into felted submission. I cast on at 9pm and now it's done! It's drying as I type this. I have to tell ya this is a really fun project to knit. It went really quick, and has impressive results at the end. Glad I did it. So now back to the evil cabled thing in my basket. Oh yeah, The Think Pink KAL started yesterday and I've decided on two things, the Bernat Softee Baby jacket, and a felted tri-color backpack that will be designed by me to lug around my little Abby's baby stuffies. I'll keep y'all posted on the progress. Hope to have some pics up of the Booga bag as soon as it dries. Nighty night.

Sunday, February 6

Quick someone think pink!

I need to come up with a yummy pink project for the think pink KAL ! I'm thinking something for my Abbygayle, but ya know I don't have enough pink things for myself yet either! HMMMMM do I hear my pink baby cashmere calling me? We'll have to see. Please if anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them!

Thursday, February 3

It Felted!

I have to say I am quite pleased with myself! After about 10 rinses of hot and cold this darn thing finally felted. Perhaps not quite as much as I would have liked, but it felted nonetheless. The picture really doesn't do it much justice though, It is Peruvian Highland wool in sage green and natural as well as Belle Valee Wools Plum colour. Bag after felting
After felting Posted by Hello

My Knitty "Wavy" scarf

Well here it is! I finally finished it. Really fun to knit, but it took alot longer than the average scarf. It is so soft and yummy! Really warm around the neck too. Hopefully Knitty continues to put great patterns like this one on their site!
Wavy Scarf
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Bag Before felting

Bag before felting Posted by Hello
Well here is the little floppy thing before felting! I was praying it would felt cause I really loved the bag.

A Bit About Me

I'm Sarah, lover of knitting and all things crafty. I drive my hubby nuts with all of this but he takes it all pretty well. Will try to put up some pics of my works in progress soon! Come back soon!