Friday, January 11

Ick...snow sucks

A quickie post cause I'm working a 16 hour day today, but I've found the camera..I've taken a few photos of craptastic quality, but Some photos are better than none right?
I need to pack a few small projects to take along with me's going to be a long one.
We are getting hit with a bunch of snow today too. I really hate driving in it. The commute into town for work should be fun. OK I'll quit whining, and put up a few photos.

First up Central Park hoodie right before I seamed the arms in and seamed up the hood
Next up is the finished Koolhaas hat that is slightly smaller than I'd like but I'm hoping that a good blocking will fix that

And Henry, dear henry...when will you be cast off? Hopefully this week. This one is beautiful but tedious.
Catch you all on the flipside...maybe I will post from work tonight to try and wake myself up.

ETA * I'm still at work and barely awake...I may have had a moment of weakness and cast on a new project. But....I did finish the socks too. Details later.

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