Thursday, February 14

Been knitting lots of Socks

I'm headed on a road trip for son the second's hockey tournament so I've got some socks on the go to keep me occupied while I cheer him on. I had a total brainstorm while I was trying to figure out how the heck to take some sock pictures outside without totally dunking them in the snow. Did you know that hockey sticks make great holders for sock photos? Neither did I till I slapped the monster sock on it.

These are for Mr.Man who has monster size 12 feet. The yarn is from an indie dyer I have come to love Fearless Fibers ( I am totally into indie sock yarns these days) In the "Smoke" colour way. The man picked it out, and I am in love with this colour. One sock done, the other one is about 3 inches past the heel, so almost done. What's a girl to do when the socks are almost done? Cast on another one of course, but this time for my own little frozen tootsies.
It's been super cold, and snowing like crazy, so the hand knit socks have been in circulation. To top it off we're headed even further north to Timmins, where we can expect temperatures in the vicinity of -35 c all weekend. Frikin' cold. These are Black Bunny Fiber in the Campfire colour way. So smooshy! I love this base yarn. I can't wait to have these babies on my feet
Maybe the whole campfire colour will trick my feet into actually believing they are warm. In -35 I don't think there's anything that can actually really truly keep them warm, but hey, I can look warm right?
Speaking of Timmins, I found out that there is a yarn shop called Knit-Wits about 2 blocks from our hotel. I will definitely check that out when we have some down time. Have any of you been there before? I do know they carry one of my favorite locally spun wools from Belle Valee. I'll be grabbing some of that for sure. I hope all of you have a great weekend. Keep warm.


JustApril said...

Very creative way to showcase your socks! =) Love the autumn colours in your new sock, too. I hope you can stay warm enough in -35C, that's scary. Cold enough to spit and have it freeze in the air?

Carol said...

Just saw your photo and it made my day! Socks look great...

Ruinwen said...

What a great way to show off your newest footwear! I have to say that I am in love with that Campfire sock! What georgous colors! :)