Thursday, September 28

Like a little bee..

I have been sooooo busy! So busy that I don't even remember what day of the week it is anymore. Working overnights really messes with your body. I am battling the worst cold I've had in ages, I'm sure due to the fact that my immune system is all out of whack since returning to work. I've been working like a madwoman on the book, which looks like it may not come until 2007 now, so I can relax a little bit on that front. I have also been designing new patterns that will be available for sale here. I have a scarf pattern called Flip, that is available now. It is a lace design knit entirely in one piece (no provisional cast-ons or grafting) that still has mirrored ends. To achieve this, I designed it so you could take your chart, and flip it upside down and continue knitting. It was made with baby cashmere yarn, and is sooo soft against the skin. Only $4.00 folks. The Knitting Vault is run by amazing people check them out.
I go back to work tonight after having 7 off, so this will be the roughest one (especially since I'm sick). I'm bringing my sewing machine with me to finish up some boutique items for our huge Quilt show we hold every three years. They need to be put in the boutique by Friday morning. AHHHHH!!! To much to do. Must. Go. Sew.

Friday, September 22

The Last Knit

You have to see this...Too Cute!

Monday, September 11

The new Knitty is up

And I just can't contain myself. How dare they add 10 new "to-do's" to my ever increasing list. I am in love with this issue. Go check it out here. It's fabulous. In knitting news, I'm such a joiner. I jumped on the Icarus bandwagon and am about half-way done. I had actually already put this on my list of must-do's as soon as I received the issue, but had it on the back burner. Now she's on the needles, and I'm flying through her.
I am going back to work. After much discussion about my liberal yarn buying habits, Mr Man and I decided it would be really nice to have an extra paycheque. The benefits, and pension plan are pretty nice bonuses too. The silver lining in all of this is that I have taken an overnight shift, which will see me sitting behind a desk for 12 hours with nothing else to do but knit. Watch the babies from Knitty Fall fly off the needles now! So, even though I swore I wouldn't go back, this is a pretty nice option. (The shift premiums make it great all by themselves).
So, tonight I begin my overnight adventures. I may even have more time to post to this here little blog thingie now that I will have so much uninterrupted computer time.
Time for bed, 10 pm is coming quick.