Sunday, February 24


There seems to be a silence amongst my bloglines subscriptions...everyone must be out enjoying the beautiful day(for those of you who are actually having one). Me...I just woke up from a night shift which involved tons of knitting, and watching season 4 of Nip Tuck. What a great show! I watched it the first season it came out, then lost my way for a couple of years. Last year I caught a few episodes, but I wanted to catch up on all of them, so I bought the box set. (I've already watched all the season 5 episodes to date). All I can say is WOW. Those writers know their stuff. I'm at the point with Mr.Man's sweater that he needs to try it on before I continue...the arms should be set aside soon, then it's blissful easy stockinette the rest of the way. Perfect Nip Tuck knitting. I have no new knitting photos, but I do have a sunrise from the windshield of the car last weekend as we were approaching Timmins. It was beautiful even though my camera couldn't quite catch it the way I could see it through the salty dirty windshield.

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JustApril said...

Neat photo, nothing like knitting during a truly good show.