Friday, May 30

A week to shape up

Only a week to go before I walk/jog/run my little heart out for my favorite charity. I've been working out lots lately trying to keep in top form so I don't hurt myself next weekend. I'm really looking forward to this (so long as mother nature co-operates). If you haven't donated already, there's still time, and I will try to find one or two more great prizes while I'm in Toronto this week .
What? I didn't mention I was going to Toronto? Yep..on Tuesday we will take my baby in for his last pre-op appointment at Sick Kids. I can't wait to have his surgery over and done with.
I'm still trying to figure out what to pack as travel knitting. I'm always over ambitious, and tend to pack every WIP I have, but this time I think I may focus on just one nearly done, or two projects. I really need to clear the decks for some summer knitting.
To distract you from the fact that I have no good knitting photos to show you, I will post this neat little shot of some Fearless Fibers Sock Yarn I wound a while ago. It made a neat little flower shape as I took it off the ball winder and I had to take some pictures. Does this ever happen for you?

*note: when going to the canadian cancer society website to donate to Relay For Life you will need to enter Sudbury Ontario as the city, along with my name Sarah Dupuis.

Tuesday, May 13

Another Year Older, and Another Prize

Yesterday I celebrated another Birthday. I know I don't feel older, but apparently the calendar says so. It was a very nice day, started off with a big sleep ( I came off graveyard shift in the morning) And I woke up to the best family in the world trying their best to make my day special.
Speaking of special, check out this sky I woke up to this morning..the clouds were amazing! All lined up like little soldiers.

Sunday night (well technically Monday morning) I cast on some Birthday socks for me! They are the Froot Loop pattern from Knitty. What a fun knit! I am in love with the yarn..once again Blue Hands Fibers comes through with a squishy smooth yarn that I adore.

I bought this in January or February ( I think I blogged it too,but I'm too lazy to look it up) and it is the perfect match to this pattern. I can't wait to have these babies on my feet. Oh..and I signed up for the Summer of Socks.
I'm going to get my Sock Mojo on this summer..Quick sign-ups are almost closed!

I'm still digging up prizes for the draw..there's still lots of time to get in on the action. If you mention the draw on your blog, I'll throw an extra entry in the pot for you! If you have no clue what I'm talking about please see the post below. This is a really great cause, and I know I can reach my goal! Here's the latest addition to the prize basket:

This is Julia's Yarn Salvia Sock Yarn (2 Hanks) in Color 15. It is a nice blend of rust, oranges and browns. The photo just doesn't do it justice.
Again I want to thank all those who have already donated. Every penny helps. For those of you have already contributed, if you have already mentioned this on your blog you get an extra entry, and if you haven't yet, and do before June 3 I will throw your name in the pot again!
Have a great week .

Monday, May 5

I was gonna Show You a Disaster But..

I had planned on discussing my disaster with my newest FO but today I am so elated that I could never ever say anything bad about this....

I started this about 2 weeks ago, and was totally confident the whole way through about my yarn situation...until I reached the last 60 sts of the cast off...but we won't go there. ( Let's just say I love Elann, and how quick they ship stuff)
I am so thrilled with how this turned out. The colours in the photo are not very accurate ( the border is actually dark green, not black.
This blanket will be auctioned off for our local Sports Hall of Fame that my father in law is opening.
Now I'm just trying to dream up another colour scheme. Perhaps one in a solid colour.