Thursday, January 31


I made a total bonehead move...I was knitting away on the last 2 inches of Mr.Greensleeves body and noticed I had been working the body totally wrong the whole time. I did a cable repeat throughout without the 4 stitch stockinette panels in between. I guess I should have paid attention to the pattern. BONEHEAD. I think I'll block it out tonight and see how it looks and fits. As long as it fits I think I'll just leave it. I'll try to update with some pics tonight before I go to work.
To distract you I'll show you the felted bag I plan to needle felt tonight as well. I just need to find the perfect handles. Oh, and I'm toying with a little blog re-design. I was starting to find the green a little blinding. What do ya think?

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Necia said...

Hey Lady,

Wanted to drop in, and say hello, long time no speak! I hope all is well in your world. As for me, I'm finally knitting that beautiful handspun you gave me during SP7. It's gawjus. I hope to have pictures up soon on my blog, but even so I'm going to email you a link when it's done.