Thursday, November 24

The Baby

Today Kaeleb is 2 and a half months old. He's been home for 3 weeks now. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 23

Me and My Abby

We've been visiting with my mom this week in Ottawa and we got a few great pics...Here's one of my daughter Abby and I. I've been knitting some socks this week as they are a great portable project. I hope to have some photos soon of the work in progress. We are headed home on Friday so I will have more time to work on them in the car. Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 13

OK so I've been really neglecting my groups, rings and blog for the last few months and I feel really bad. I hope you will all take me back! Pregnancy, giving birth to a preemie and dealing with 4 kids under 10 has been taking it's toll. Not to mention we had computer issues all summer, (but that's a whole other page). I have missed you all. As for knitting, I am finally able to knit again without wanting to hurl. Hubby asked me today to knit him a hat for work. (he works in a hockey arena). He said his ears have been freezing. So that is what I worked on today. As well as a pair of socks that are destined to be given for Christmas. I'll post some pics as soon as they are done. I will however post a pic of my full of beans Abby who is becoming quite the little tirant. Learning to walk does that I guess. I couldn't help but smile when I saw her face. Hope it makes you smile too.

Friday, November 4

I almost forgot! Leah wins the Contest!

With her guess of Boy and a due date of NOV 29 she was the closest. My due date actually was NOVEMBER 12th and yes it was a boy.


Finally after months of no computer, I'm back. Safe and sound. I must announce also that I gave birth to a beautiful, although very premature baby boy on the 13th of September. He was 10 weeks early, (4lbs 3oz) but he is finally home. It is crazy around here now with the four kiddos but I love every minute of it. Missed everyone. Hope to chat with you all soon.