Thursday, January 5

SP7 Virgin

I'm a secret pal virgin no longer! I signed up for SP7 !. I have read all kinds of blogs, and so many have had fun giving little knitty treats to their secret pals (as well as recieving some), so I decided it was time I get in on the fun. I am soooo excited! The internet and blogging are the closest thing I get to fellow knitters...(not too many people around my parts are as obsessed about knitting as I am). Finally I can share the love! So many gift little time.
On the knitting front... I recieved a huge box of goodies from here yesterday and I can't wait to dig into it. I hope to post a pic of my lovely box o' treats as soon as I can. On the list to start are 3 pairs of socks, a scarf and hat set for me..and a sweater for my son. I managed to finish up 2 of my WIP's since the start of the new year so I think I've earned another project or two on the needles.
Off to my knitting chair while the babies are still sleeping!

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