Monday, December 26

No Pressure knitting!

Hooray! Christmas knitting is over! Finally I can pick up a project just for fun. Although as a new years resolution I am going to try and knock off some of my WIP's, so I can have a fresh start this year. I have also marked this year as a de-stash the acrylic year because I much prefer natural fibres. I'll probably keep just enough for fun baby projects and toys for the kids. E-Bay here I come! I'd say about 400-500 balls of acrylic to sell. On to more socks. DH's are finally done. I grafted the toe of the last one last night. This time I didn't suffer from Second Sock Syndrome! The Patons Kroy was awesome to knit up. Everyone is always impressed thinking I actually made up the stripe pattern. (hee hee)...Ya right! Off to a cup of coffee and my knitting. SHHHHHHHHH the babies are sleeping. ;-)

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Shelley said...

Found my way here from searching for knitting blogs, and thought I would stop by and say hello.

I have a lot of WIP's as well that I am hoping to get completed, as well as having other projects I want to start (such as some baby afghan's for ladies I know who are expecting babies in the spring).

Hope you do well selling your yarn on E-Bay!