Monday, January 9

100 Things about me...

In light of all this Secret Pal fun, I thought I'd attempt a 100 things about me list. Forgive me if it stalls a little cause I'm not sure I'm this interesting, but I'll give it a shot.

1. I have blue eyes
2. People say my eyes are my best feature
3. I am insecure about my appearance.
4. I love my family
5. My husband is my best friend.
6. I have four kids.
7. People say that's alot these days, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
8. People don't believe I have four kids because they say I look too young.
9. Sometimes my kids drive me crazy.
10. It's a good crazy though.
11. I learned to knit when I was 5.
12. I wish I could make a career out of knitting.
13. I also Quilt and Cross-stitch, but they aren't my first love.
14. People say I'm a creative soul.
15. I drive my family crazy with my crafting obssesions.
16. I don't think I could survive without my yarn.
17. I hide yarn.
18. my 9 year old son is just like me.
19. I taught him to knit last summer.
20. He hasn't put the needles down yet.
21.I have a sick obsession with buying paterns, books and magazines.
22. They have begun to take over my house.
23. This upsets my husband sometimes.
24. When he gives up golf...I'll give up knitting. (yeah right)
25.I don't drink alot.
26. When I do drink I tend to get drunk really fast.
27. I used to be a bartender in my early 20's.
28. Nothing tastes better to me than a Tim Horton's coffee.
29. I couldn't survive without coffee.
30. If trapped on a desert island i'd need my knitting, knitting magazines and coffee. Oh yeah and my husband and kids.
31. My favorite singer is Celine Dion.
32. My husband hates her.
33. I don't care...I think angels gave her her voice.
34. Crunchy snow makes my teeth hurt.
35. Cotton balls do too.
36. I hate the feeling of dry sand on my feet.
37. I love the ocean.
38. I was born to travel.
39. With 4 kids we can't afford too.
40. When we retire we are gone!!!!
41. I have 5 sisters
42. They are all beautiful.
43. We didn't get along as kids.
44. We are all best friends now.
45. I am very easy-going.
46. My husband has a bad tremper.
47. I tend to be the mediator in my family.
48. I am still very close to my parents.
50. I live 500km away from them
51. We talk at least twice a week.
52. My favorite colour is green.
53. I love to sing
54. I have a terrible voice.
55. I wish my house was bigger.
56. My husband's grandmother raised 4 kids in it.
57. I don't know how she did it.
58. I cry when I watch movies.
59. I love all food.
60. Only thing I can't stomach is kidney beans (chili)
61. I'm willing to try anything once.
62. I am a good cook.
63. I am a better baker.
64. I have my own wedding cake business.
65.I don't charge enough for my cakes.
66. I have designed a few knitting patterns
67. I am to self- concious to write them out and share them.
68. One day I would like to write a book.
69. I hope it gets published.
70. I love to read.
71.John Grisham is my favorite author.
72. I haven't read one of his books in a couple of years.
74.I love puzzles.
75. I am freakishly fast at them.
76.I'd love to learn to spin.
77. My husband doesn't think a wheel would fit in the house.
78. I just laugh at the silly man.
79. Is he kidding?
80. I need to save up for a wheel.
81. I love to kool-aid dye yarn with the kids.
82. They are always amazed at how the yarn sucks up the colour.
83. I've learned to always wear gloves when using kool-aid.
84. Red milk does not taste good.
85. I like meeting people online
86. There are alot of knitters just like me(who knew?)
87. I never knit anything for myself.
88. I like giving to others
89. Some people appreciate hand knit items
90. Some don't.
91. Those that don't probably haven't a creative bone in their body.
92. I love getting handmade gifts.
93 I love handwritten letters even more.
94.I am very impatient.
95. This list seems boring to me.
96.I'd rather be knitting.
97. My husband wants me off the computer.
98. I hope no-one got bored reading this.
99. I got bored reading this.
100. I think knit bloggers rock!

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