Friday, January 20

Yummy Surprise!

I have the best Secret Pal ever! I strolled down to the mailbox expecting my end of the month bills, and what do I find? This!........

You have the most exquisite taste pal, i have to say. The yarn is divine. The perfect colour, and so soft. The candle is one of the nicest scents I have had the pleasure of putting my nose to in a long time, the coffee mug...priceless(no one else in the house will dare touch it!) Finally, the yummy chocolate goodness and the delectable teas.....mmmmmm....tonight will be a great night. As soon as all the kiddos are in bed, I'm breaking out all of this awesome stuff and having a mommy night alone. Me, my yarn, and my chocolate with a cup of tea to wash it all down. Marc is working tonight, so I can enjoy it all to myself! YAY! Just what a stressed out mom of 4 needed at the end of a truly stressful week. You're the best ! I hope you get as many nice goodies from your pal.


Secret Pal said...

You are welcome! It was so much fun - fondling yarn, eating chocolate, smelling candles - all in the name of quality control. I had to make sure they were good enough for you. :)

Tricotine said...

Have fun with your goodies, Sarah!

You Secret Pal sure has great taste!

I haven't received anything from my SP yet... but she says it is on its way... Cannot wait!


Tricotine said...

I'm tagging you with a Meme, Sarah!!!

You have to list your 5 most unusual habbits.

See my blog for details!!!