Monday, March 19


So, apparently, no one reads this blog, or everybody already has the book I'm giving away, cause only two of you have left comments! Cummon guys! Show me some love....I may even throw in a little something soft and squishy to knit with. Just leave a comment between now and Thursday night at 11 pm EST (cause that is about my bedtime) and I'll do a drawing on Friday. There, now that that is out of the way, I can talk about my wonderful little mini getaway.
First, some yarn *porn*:

The top photo is 2 skeins of Apple Laine Sock yarn in Winter's Dawn colourway; 1 Skein of Misti Alpaca Laceweight
Next up, A new book....Very cute stuff to knit for the guy in your life, and a pair of socks that I knit entirely on my trip (that must have been a record)
And Finally, the Piece de Resistance......A luscious silky skein of Handmaiden Sea Silk, and a sliver of Fleece Artist Silk Merino roving. YUMMMM!!!!!
Does anyone have a fantastic pattern for a single lonely skein of Sea Silk? It has to be special..I really love this stuff, but at $38/100 grams, I'm afraid to knit with it.
Suggestions Please!
Our Trip was great. No traffic on the way there, sunny skies, and about 10 degrees celcius. Perfect!

My mom had home-made meatloaf ready for us when we arrived, and it was sooooo good.
Marc and I managed to get out to the casino, just so we could lose all our money, butwe had a blast anyway. This was our first time out sans enfant since May of last year. We really need to get out more. Being the week of the dumb ass, I forgot to take my camera, so alas, no photos of the festivities. Wednesday, we shopped, and shopped till the kids couldn't take it anymore. Let's just say, thank God for IKEA ball pits. The end result of the little shopping spree, is that I decided my bathroom needed a complete remodeling all based around a really pretty shower curtain I bought. Marc was thrilled.....*not* So, this week is all about the paint, and fixtures, and bathmats to match. It's only a couple of days work, with really big pay off.

As for knitting, as you can see, I managed to knit an entire pair of socks on the trip. Gathering Intentions also saw a little face time, hopefully it will be done by next weekend. Just in time for me to return to work. Wahhhhh!


Lovs2Knit said...

Looks like you found some great goodies to bring home. I'm getting ready to go on vacation soon which means an 8 hour car trip....glad I can knit in the car without getting sick. :~)

Ruinwen said...

Wow everything is so lovely. I've heard about sea silk but never knit with is supposed to be like knitting with clouds...maybe you could make a thin lace scarf with it-just for you? Your socks look great! I'm glad you had a fun trip.


Ann-Marie said...

oooh i'm on vacation too, so i didn't see that post about the book.
here's me commenting.

sea silk--i think on the website they have a pattern--but not sure if it comes with sea silk if you buy it there (if that address isn't right, just look for links on the yarnharlots website or knittyblog)

KnitNana said...

Absolutely gorgeous yarn! I don't know what to suggest for the sea silk...but it's scrumptious...

I can't enter your contest, I already HAVE that book (it's great! no wonder you wanted it twice!!!)

Thanks for visiting me...I've put you in my bloglines...

Chris said...

Wow, you got some gorgeous yarn! Hey, wanna come over and do my bathroom next? ;)

Brenda said...

Beautiful yarn! Many of the wide-bordered scarves from Victorian Lace Today will work with one ball of Sea Silk, especially if you don't want to make them 6 feet long.

Em said...

As far as you seasilk goes, I know that Lettuce Knit has a line on a great big one-skein shawl. Otherwise, I'm sure that lots of other lace warp/shawl pattens would do the trick -- have fun with it!

Samantha said...

Yes - as Brenda also mentioned - the Melon scarf in Victorian Lace Today can be done with one ball of Sea Silk. It looked wonderful when Grumperina did it.