Wednesday, March 21

Ask and Ye shall recieve

Ok so I guess this is turning out to be a real contest afterall, so I'm adding another prize so I can spread the dumb assedness love around. A big thank you to Chris for mentioning my contest on her blog. Reading all of your comments today is a ball of fun! Keep em coming. The sock yarn is Four Seasons Hot Socks Sockenwolle in colour 287, and the other yarn is a local treasure Manitoulin Yarns Wooly Harvest in some purpely/blues. I'm almost done my Gathering Intentions, so I hope to be able to post a photo by this weekend! Yay!! Have a great Wednesday everyone.


Chris said...

You're very welcome!

Ruinwen said...

That sock yarn is really colorful. I can't wait to see your finished project! :)

freshisle said...

Nice haul from Ottawa!! I have a single skein of Sea Silk, too and am still wondering what to do with it.