Saturday, March 3

I Bet Ya Didn't Know

I'm not too sure if I've ever mentioned it before or not, but I make wedding cakes. It's just a little something I do on the side for some extra cash. I wish I could do it full time, but I'm not sure my nerves could handle it. Making someone's wedding cake is a very special thing. There are few "traditional" wedding ceremonies left, but cake cutting seems to be one that has stuck. If you screw up someone's wedding cake, you are jeopardizing part of thier "Day". This always haunts me when I'm travelling to the reception site, wondering if my days of baking and preparation will go flying with every bump. Today was no different, and I did have a minor mishap, but all is well now. My centre tier took a little nose-dive into the cake box during travel, but nothing my little kit of icing bags couldn't fix. Here's the cake as it was when I left the hall.....let's hope nobody stuck their thumb in it before the bride arrived. Not a perfect cake by any means, but pretty candlelight and dim lights hide all sins right?

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Ruinwen said...

That is a wonderful cake! What a lovely gift to share with others on their special day.