Wednesday, February 7

Sad But True

I haven't been well lately, as some of you who read regularily know, and today I got some disturbing news....apparently, there are gall stones almost the size of golf balls trying to push themselves out of my gall bladder. No wonder I've been in such agony! My doctor phoned me today to confirm what I suspected, and to have me come in tommorow to set a surgery date in the very near future. Fun times!! The plus side to all of this is, I'll be laid up for a while, and I'll be able to start finishing up some of that ginormous list of projects I have on the go. I hope to be bed-ridden for at least a few days, so...Mr.Man has no choice but to let me sit and knit to my little heart's content. Oh...did I also mention that I get 3 weeks off work? No? Well that rocks as well. All of these health issues though have made me wake up and realize I need to take better care of my body. No more sugar filled, high fat foods for me. I plan on making this a good excuse to get off my ass and get healthy. If it wasn't -35 here most of the time I would have started walking some more by now, but It's just too cold. Skin freezes fast around here.
I have managed to knock off a couple of things from my "to knit" list. My Cherry tree hill socks are all but done, just the last inch of cuff on the second one, and I have managed to finish the sleeves of my Gathering Intentions Sweater. Hopefully I can get the front done while I'm in the hospital, so I can have a coming home squishy warm sweater to wear in our outrageous temperatures here. I also want to thank all of you for your suggestions on yarn choices for Cromarty. After reading Wendy's post, I went and ordered the Celtic Collection book right away. Once Gathering Intenetions is finished, she will be my next knit. I'm not usually much of a bandwagon knitter, but as soon as I saw that sweater, I knew it had to be mine! Now if I could just decide what I want to knit it with. I was thinking Elann's Devon yarn, but not sure. Any thoughts? So..I'm of to pop some good drugs so that I can sleep tonight without pain that would want to make you poke your eyes out. Night all.


Rebekah said...

OH I'm so sorry! Even with the 3 weeks off and extra time to knit, surgery is never a fun option.

I hope everything goes really well and it provides you some relief.

Jae said...

I'll be thinking of you and sending "get well soon" thoughts your way. I hope you can enjoy your three weeks off from work inspite of the reason.