Thursday, February 22


So...I'm back from the hospital, in one piece ..well minus a piece, but alive and well none the less. I am in considerable pain, I can't stand up without help, and I can't pick up anything heavier than my coffee cup, but I am happy to say that my gall bladder will no longer cause me anymore agony.
The folks at the hospital were great even though I caused them a little more of a stressful day when I stopped breathing a couple of times, but all is well now. Wanna see some pictures?
If you are a little sensitive to photos with incision content, please avert your eyes, It's really not too bad to look at though considering my bloated belly is the most heinous part..

Those are three of the four cuts they made (the other one is in the belly button)
I'm told I should be back to normal in a week. Let's hope that's the case cause it hurts like hell right now. I have been knitting a bit on some socks, but anything requiring more than plain stockinette will have to wait. The drugs make me really loopy, and totally incapable of following a pattern.
Time for a little lie down I think. Night all.

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Ruinwen said...

Hope you feel better soon! I put you on my reiki healing list. Hope that is okay.