Friday, February 16

Needle Love

I am a happy camper today. I just got my hands on some of these
and I couldn't be more thrilled. Finally after a ton of feedback, Addi has come through BIG TIME!! I only own a few Addi circulars, but they always seem to be the ones I turn to for comfort knitting . You just can't beat em'(while Knitpicks is really close). I do love the knitpicks needles, and have bought 3 or 4 sizes of their options circulars, but I have had 2 cables come apart on me. Addi to the rescue! I now am the proud owner of size 1 addi circulars (2 sets for my 2 socks on 2 circs)with nice pointy tips, and smooth lovely joints Hooray!! I have some FO's to speak of, but no pictures yet. They're just socks anyways, but I have 2 pair done so far, so I can cross them of the list. My Cherry Tree hill anklet socks, and a pair of STR G-rocks socks that weren't even on the list. They match my PJ's for the hospital, so I wanted to motor through them to wear when I'm there. Nurses love to knit, and I know they will appreciate my nice hand knit socks! This is my first time trying STR and I do have to say I'm thrilled about it too. Squishy, sproingy cushy yarn, that is dyed to perfection. I love it almost as much as Cherry Tree Hill (which has now become my mainstay sock yarn). I find The STR slightly thicker than CTH, which makes for a slightly denser fabric on my 2 mm needles, but it isn't quite as silky as CTH. I guess I like a little shine to my sock yarn. I love it anyways, and I'm sure I will buy more. I also bought some STR in the Terra Firma colourway, which is destined to become some socks for The Man. 3 Days and counting till I get this rotten little gall bladder out. Can't wait to be relieved of the agony it's causing me. Since I don't have any FO photos to show you, I'll pull one out of the album that I think is really cool. This is a wall hanging made completely out of silk ribbon, and woven over a mirror. I thought it was fantastic. It is hanging in a ribbon store on Queen St. in Toronto. Fabulous No?

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Jae said...

I've been waiting for the new lace addi's to show up around here so I can try them. Glad to know they may live up to the hype!!