Wednesday, January 31

Getting organized

I was thinking alot about all of my unfinished projects the other day, and decided it really was getting out of hand. I have resigned myself to the fact that I am a great starter, and not such a great finisher. My list may not be as long as yours, but I think I could give alot of you a run for your money. So..I'm putting it out there, for all to see, so I can keep better track of finishing things, and actually start finishing stuff. I'm designating Tuesdays for UFO's. Here's the list

Pink Butterfly beaded scarf - half done
Pomotamous socks- 1 sock done the other OTN and completed cuff
Gathering Intentions Sweater - Back done, 2 sleeves, half done
Lorna's Laces Jaywalkers - 2 at a time half done
Shell socks from Knitting Vintage Socks- 1 sock done other not even started
Plain Vanilla Socks for Mr.Man -1 sock done, other not started yet
Apple Tree Shawl (my own design) -1/3 done
Icarus II wedding shawl for a co-worker- done 4 repeats of the first chart.
Snowdrop Shawl - need 1 more repeat and a border
Comfy Cardi (my own design)- Back ,1 front and 1 sleeve done
Lizard Ridge blanket- 2 squares done
Cherry Tree Hill socks for me -1 sock 1/3 done
Cotton Cabled Tank from Summer Cast-On 3/4 done

I'm sure there's a few more tucked away in the deep deep crevasse known as the knitting closet, but I can't remember right now.
Now which ones to finish first??


Ruinwen said...

Good luck on getting through your WIPS and goals. I know that you can do it! And I can't wait to see pictures!


jae said...

I've been thinking about doing something like that - listing my wips. I can't compete with yours (unless I include all the ones in my head that I just haven't casted on for yet - he he he). Maybe I can join you in WIP tuesday?

Michelle said...

Welcome the the club! I too am a GREAT starter and not so great finisher. But there is hope! I have committed to Knit from your stash 2007 (all but sock yarn is off limits)and feel confident that this will help me get the ball rollin'!BTW.... I love love love the photo on your blog header! too sweet

TracyKM said...

I found you through your question to Wendy about using another yarn besides Kersti. I'm also in Ontario, and until recently had few options for buying yarn locally. So I became a yarn sleuth and found sources, such as Lens Mills in south-western Ontario, the Spinrite outlet in Listowel, Mary Maxim in Paris, (I'm not totally positive on the correct address for that one). Yarn Forward in Ottawa...Shelridge Farms...the Rams Wools catalogue is like my own 'Sears Catalogue' (although I would never USE it in the outhouse, I do read it there, LOL). And then there's the list goes on...
Where are you located and I'll look at my list!
I decided that this was going to be "Finishing February". I'm not limiting myself to finishing up things, but I'm trying to at least think about the UFOs, LOL.

Ann-Marie said...

just wanted to say hi. foudn you from wendyknits blog.
our blog names are similar and i'm in ontario too!