Saturday, July 29

El Cheapo!

I wanted to post a picture for my fellow Mystery Stolers of my $3.00 Magnetic chart holder.
In my opinion it is better than any you can buy, since I can store my other charts inside the handy pocket of the clipboard. It stands up really nicely too.
A picture is worth a thousand words,

Clipboard $1.00

Sticky Magnet Sheet $1.00

Roll of Craft Magnet ( about 15 ft) $1.00

Really great Chart holder........................PRICELESS!!!


rebecca said...

me came
me saw
me want to dig thru office and find me one!

p.s. me love cookies too!


Anonymous said...

Excellent idea. I'm off to the dollar store and see if I can duplicate it. Thanks for the great idea.

Peggy in Utah

Anonymous said...

What a great idea, thanks!

Donna said...

Pretty cool idea Sarah! I like it!

Jess said...

How cool is that?! Thank you!

Michelle said...

Very clever! I love it. I love the color yarn you are using for your Mystery Stole too.

Rebekah said...

Very good. My personal favorite row counters, golf counters purchased at Walmart for $1.77. Perfect click kind, and they have two counters so that you can do 1 for rows and 1 for pattern repeat, etc.

Ingenunity is wonderful (even if I can't spell ingenunity).

mc78 said...

I copied the idea! It works beautifully. The chart knitting on the other hand. . .