Wednesday, July 12

Moving Right Along

I'm Working a few rows at a time moving right along with the Mystery Stole project. What was I thinking signing up for this? Not like I don't have a gazillion other things going on right now. But it is a really beautiful project, that is broken up over 6 weeks of clues. I should be able to finish I hope. I'm currently on the second half row 5. I'm using Headwater Wool's Inja (cobweb/laceweight) in ice blue on size 3.5mm needles. Ripping back is really difficult with this wool since it will fuzz up and felt if your hands are sweaty, but it is really beautiful after a good soaking and blocking. The colour in the pick is actually showing the blue to be a little darker. It really is alot lighter icy blue not so much baby blue. I am anxious to get the next clue to see how this will all come together. If you want to sign up, and haven't already the sign ups close friday morning HURRY!!!!


Jae said...

Oooh! I signed up last week, too! I am using Skacel Merino on US1's. I started on 3's but thought the stockinette was too airy. So, I frogged it. I hope to get caught up by the end of the weekend.

Michelle said...

I already signed up yesturday and I'm knitting. I have frogged it and frogged it so now I knit it when the kids are in bed and knit a mindless sweater when they are around. Can't wait till mine grows and isn't frogged. I love the look.