Saturday, July 8

Houston We have a problem...

Ummm..............ok for anyone with a weak stomach, please avert your eyes......
This photo is incredibly disturbing, and totally out of control..
I have no idea how it came to be, but even I must confess I have an enormous problem.
I mean, there should be a twelve step program or something for this.

That would be my "in use" stash, or so I like to call it, constantly circulated portion of my stash.
This is the stuff I have just spun, or the beautiful merino I plan to use for a shawl next week, and the half done baby sweater for my sister in law...It's about a tenth of the magazines I have aquired in the last 3 or 4 months. The stuff I've been swatching for new patterns, and a whole lotta sock yarn thrown in for good measure. Not so bad you say? Well there is about 8 times that much in plastic storage bins in the garage, and about another 4 garbage bags worth in my bedroom closet. Keep in mind too, that this is only what you see in this 3 foot high pile, there are 2 boxes underneath full of rovings, cashmere,mohair, silk, alpaca, and a romney fleece. Oh..did I mention that the lovely sunlight pouring in is actually coming from the two little windows in my front door? (we don't use this door unless we need to open it for air but that is besides the point.) The door could not be opened even if we wanted to at the moment. So, in light of my little door opening problem, this weekend will become stash organizing weekend. It's time. We need the air.
Speaking of air, here is my Saturday morning sunrise..... Beautiful no?

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