Sunday, July 16

Remember This?

I posted about my progress on the Mystery Stole 2 and it looked something like this:

Then.... This little tyrant decided to teach herself how to knit. As precious as she is, I could have cried. So now, we have something a little like this:

Which by the way I am much more pleased with anyway. I decided rather than ripping back and trying for 2 hours to find all the YO's and knit 2 tog's etc, that I would start over. I'm using some hand dyed lace weight merino that I did using a few different shades of red. The monitor doesn't do all of the colours justice. I am 5 rows from being done the first half of clue 2. The second half should be done by tommorow I hope so that I can work on some other things this week. I might even turn the blue one into a pillow if I can get the courage up to tink back, and finish the second half.


Jae said...

There must be something in the air. I awoke this morning to find that my cat had pulled my stole off the needles. You recovered nicely, though!!

Denise said...

Looks great! It's too bad about the wasted effort on the initial attempt, but I think the red is so much more vibrant.

Rebekah said...

Oh it's gorgeous. I like the second colorway better too. See she just did you a favor. I'm done with chart 1 and 2 on one side and am working on chart 1 the other direction now, isn't this patter fun.

StarzAbove said...

Hi, I'm just checking in with you here at the pit stop of the Amazing Race. The Mystery Stole 2006 is my partner in the Race, as well. I swapped partners early on from last year's Mystery Stole (Leda's Dream) that just never worked out for me last year, and didn't this year, as well. You are humming right along, my partner - she's a slower one than yours, but we keep trudging along with tenacity. I, too, like the red much better on yours. How could something so cute make such a mess out of something, eh?
Keep on with the great work, and racing the good race!

mazhalai said...

ohhh red is so much more pretty.. :) like your tyrant :)
happy knitting