Tuesday, April 4

I really do need to start blogging

I have been really neglectful of my blog lately. (There are excuses, to which I'll enlighten you later in this post). I do however have a FO and an almost finished adamas shawl to post about. The shawl is not done, but there are only 2 repeats and the border left .The socks however are done. I love this colourway from Regia. It's part of the Canadian line of colours, and it happens to be the Manitoba colourway. I'm not from Manitoba, but this colour just jumped in the basket and came home with me. Actually, the Ontario colour just didn't do it for me. Here's a pic:

Cute aren't they? The picture was taken at night, but the colours are still pretty close.
Here's the Adamas Shawl progress...it's really hard to open up the whole thing because those 400 sts are all crammed on the circs, but I held it up to the light so you could get an idea of how the pattern is coming out.

Did I mention I love this pattern? Thanks Secret Pal...Whoever you are! I still don't know who she is yet. My spoilee figured out who I was pretty quick.
I'm so not good at keeping secrets for long.
Speaking of secrets....I can't keep this one for too much longer cause it's killing me. I've been soooo busy right now because I'm writing a book!!!! A knitting book to be exact. Whew...OK it's out there. It's still really early on in the planning stages, but I hope to have it out by next spring if all goes well.
There have been alot of 3am bedtimes, and blog neglecting, and KAL neglecting going on around here, but I promise it will stop soon. I miss my groups! I miss my blog! I miss my knitting just for the pleasure of knitting!


Donna said...

Hi Sarah!!! The shawl is just gorgeous!!!! That is a lot of beautiful work you have there! I love the socks too! So colorful! Congrats. on your book and good luck with it!

Necia said...

WTG Sarah. I hope I can make socks as good as you some day. The shawl looks great too, the pattern is so detailed and intricate looking. Better you than me. hahahahhahaha. Good luck on your book, I can't wait til it comes out. Will you sign my copy? BTW hubby just picked up your pkg from the post office.


Your Pal said...

I love the shawl! It is knitting up so nicely.

Soon you will know who I am. I obviously underestimated the time it would take to deliver this last package. :( But it should be arriving anyday now.

Congrats on the book! That is incredible.

Ruinwen said...

Your socks are lovely.

Your shawl is so beautiful. The color is so pretty!

And a book to boot...wow...I can't wait to read it!