Friday, April 7

Too Much!!

I knew my secret pal was fantastic, but today she totally outdid herself. Too Much Jae! I could not have imagined a more perfect package than this...although I think you went a little overboard! Check this out!! The book I have been coveting for the last few months is in my hands as we speak! I tried looking for it locally, and I just couldn't get it! My husband thought I was nuts when I started jumping up and down over this book. ( he would have done the same thing for some golf balls) The Tim Horton's explanation required, y'all know how much I dig the stuff. She also sent me a fantastic little tube for carrying all of my DPN's and crochet hooks etc in without them stabbing me through my knitting bag. Genious pal, genious. Sinfully scrumptious chocolate looks like a bear claw of some type with pecans, caramel etc...all the things that make stressed out mommies feel better. And last but not least..Fabulous Knitpicks sock yarn in the best colours ever! I feel some spring socks about to jump on the needles! Pal...when the book comes out you definately get a free copy. You have been the best of the best. I'm off to check out your blog now that I know who you are! Thanks a million!


Jae said...

I'm glad that you like it! It's been fun spoiling you.

DONNA said...

SOO LUCKY SARAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOO-HOOO! How cool is all that amazing stuff!!!!! Are in for SP8???