Monday, April 17

Chocolate Overload!

What do you get when three kids wake up at 6am on easter morning? Uncontrolled Chaos! Between all of the "I saw that one first!" , and " Moooooom Shane can't eat chocolate this early right!" I am exausted. I swear my kids bounced off the walls for 12 hours straight. If I never see the easter bunny again it will be too soon. I did manage to get some knitting done though. My man graciously removed the kidlets from the house for about 2 hours so I could decompress from the morning's activities. We had dinner at the in-laws as well so I didn't have to cook either. I suppose life isn't so bad afterall.
I've been trying to finish up some patterns for the book, and I have been knitting on the last bit of Adamas trying to finish it up. It's taking me about 15 minutes a row! but only half a repeat to go.

Here's some pictures of the festivities yesterday...Aren't they cute? Hyper and jacked up on chocolate, but cute!

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DONNA said...

Awww! Sarah! They are adorable!!!!! I well remember those days! Did I ever tell you that my oldests' name is Shane also?? Such a nice irish name isn't it?!!!!