Thursday, April 6

What do Y'all Think.

So Last night I was stuck. I need a good beginner idea for my book, and since I'm not really in touch with what beginner's are capable of these days( see my SP7 spoilee's amazing jump from beginner knitter to stitch diva in a very short period of time). I was thinking a felted bag of some sort, but then my mind wandered into all kinds of colourwok etc...So...Here's the survey:

1.Socks for beginners ie: basic sock pattern cuff down or toe up. Maybe a little cabled something thrown in .

2. Beginner lace scarf (easy repeats to remember) no huge charts

3. Christmas stocking ( with alphabet to personalize)

4. Super easy shrug pattern knit in one piece from bottom up

5. Easy baby sweater hat and blankie

6. Felted tote bag.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

I haven't picked up my shawl since my last post, and it is sitting there looking all droopy and sad, saying finish me! block me! wear me! The baby was in the hospital all day yesterday and I had no desire to knit through my worry. Some people knit well when they are stressed or worried, I on the other hand don't . I make mistakes . Here's mister sicky as of 5 minutes ago....breaks your heart doesn't it? He looks peaceful now, but last night he cried for 5 hours straight. We were all worried he had caught the RSV virus, which is a respiratory virus that can lead to bronchitis or pneumonia at best, and can be deadly in small babies if left untreated. This little man was 10 weeks premature (which makes him very succeptible to this virus) and we had been taking him once a month for a shot to prevent RSV. Turns out, he does have an infection of some sort, but they aren't sure it's RSV or not. We should know by this afternoon when the bloodwork comes back. Cross your fingers!


Necia said...

Oh my, you have a little bambino. My goodness, when do you get time to knit, much less write a book. Aren't they the cutest when they are sleeping and when they are quiet? Lol.

Ok to answer your question, these are my preferences:
1.Super Easy sock pattern, ya know a little ribbing, and then straight knitting, with clear directions for turning the heel. Clear and simple as if talking to a child, because a lot of time new knitters will overanalyze instructions, and fark it all up, instead of simply turning the damn heel and working back and forth. No admission here on my part on any of that though! Ha.

2. Defintily a felted tote, with cheat notes on actual felting. Again it's easy to over analyze here, and make things seem much more worst than it is.

3. If you could come up with an easy introduction to charts, that would be GREAT too. Notice I've never mentioned anything about reading charts. I'm scurred.

4.Last but not least a simple introduction to circular/round knitting. Maybe a super cute baby hat or even baby sweater.

Hope I didn't take up all the space on your blog mama!


Auntie Amanda said...

I agree with Necia on all knitting beginner points! but I would suggest a toe up sock so it can be tried on throughout the process. Baby sweaters are the perfect intro to sweater making, especially if they are knit in the round raglans...I would suggest techniques that are not as hard as people think- such as cables, and knitting on circs, and reading charts...
That is one cute little boy! Hope the infection is not as bad as you think, he looks so content all snuggled up!

DONNA said...

A Baby sweater! That's my pick Sarah! And gee, I hope the little guy feels better soon!