Saturday, October 28

What I did last week

Although I didn't have the luxury to attend Rhinebeck, I've been away in Toronto for a while, and I had such a blast! There is so much to show you. Most of the photos were taken inside shops along Queen St. West . I've actually arranged them into a fibre-tastic calendar that I hope to make available soon. ( I won't post all of the photos, such as not to spoil the calendar surpise) but I'll give a little sampling. Did I mention we totally ditched the Creativ festival in favor of shopping on Queen ST. W. That's a whole other story.

View from our room

Wall of sock yarn

Wall of silk ribbon

Beads n' Yarn

There is so much to see along Queen St W. That you could spend a whole week and still not see or buy everything you wanted.
I'm soooo Tired. Need to go sleep off the shopping hangover.


Ruinwen said...

OOOOhhhhh such pretty yarn!

Glad you had a good time!


Secret Pal said...

Queen St W is amazing, isn't it?! - the wall of sock yarn looks like Romni Wools territory - where are the other pics from? I did a yarn crawl there this summer, with a side trip to Kensington Market and Lettuce Knit - such fun...

Stickchicky said...

The sock yarn wall surely was Romni! Good eye secret pal!They were kind enough to let me take a bunch of photos in their place for my calendar.