Friday, October 27

Cherry Tree Hill How I love thee

Dear Cherry Tree hill,
I am so ashamed of myself for not having given in to your pleasures until now. Oh what I was missing. Your bouncy, soft, luscious wool is gliding through my fingers without so much as a tiny little ladder. My #0 Double points are in love. The colours so rich, and perfectly chosen are keeping me entertained for hours upon end.
I promise to keep this new-found love alive for as long as I knit socks.

Yarn Ho

How amazing is Cherry Tree Hill Yarn? I had no idea! I wish the stuff were more accesible to me in my little town, but for now I must deal with shipping charges and wait time to indulge in this little piece of sock yarn knitting heaven. If this were the last stuff on earth, I'd be a happy girl.

Photos of my lovely sock in progress soon..I promise.

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