Saturday, November 11

Luckiest Girl in Town

My heart skipped a beat a little when I woke up yesterday (after coming off a really long night shift). A package very innocently sat on my kitchen table. Mr. Man was so curious to see what was in it he even woke me a little early! Lovely man . I received the best surprise from my Secret Pal. A 450 yd skein of custom painted SP9 sock yarn in the Waltz colourway, available only to SP9 participants. I LOVE IT. Thanks a bunch pal, you made my day. It's dark here now, so pics will have to wait. I have so many things to show you all.

I've been commissioned to knit a sweater for someone at work, and I have been busy designing and working out all of the kinks . It will be a cabley, moss stitchy cotton pullover. Tommorow I should have enough of it on the needles to do a post worthy photo shoot in some nice natural light (i hope) It's been snowing alot around these parts.

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