Friday, March 18

What is a Timmys!!!

Well my dear Kitt, you must not be Canadian! Either that, or I have just developped a weird name for the best coffee on this side of the planet.
TIM HORTONS!!! Please let me know if you have never had one, I will send you a can. This is one coffee experience you just can't live without! I simply can't fully open my eyes until I have a warm Timmy's in my tummy. It makes all the bad things going on in your life go away...for an hour or so at least! As for my road trip, I managed to pick up a couple of things, but not near as much as I thought I would. Most of it was fabric for a quilting project I'm working on, but I did manage to score some more Patons Classic Merino in PINK!! YAY!! I had boutght out my LYS of all of the pink shades they had. So I had to travel to get more. Unfortunately, since I did all of the driving yesterday, I didn't get any knitting done. Usually when DH drives, I sit and knit furiously cause I hate the way he drives. It keeps my mind off of the roads. I must go to feed the monsters. Happy Post St Paddy's Day everyone, Hope there are no hang-overs lingering....and if there is, go get yourself a TIMMY'S!


Kimberly said...

LOL. Tim Hortons isn't well known in the states except for us border states (michigan). Even so, I know I'm in Canada by the Tim's on every corner! :p


Renee said...

Mmmmmmmmm....Tim Hortons. Definitely a Canadian experience. They should have THA (Tim Horton's Anonymous) for all us addicts. I heard a disturbing rumour that they put something (MSG maybe?) in their cream and that is why it tastes better from Tim's than if you make it at home. Probably just urban myth. Frankly, they could put just about anything in it and I'd still drink it.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah! everytime I go out to shop I hit Tim Hortons lol.And I also knit while husband drives because I hate his driving,tell me,does your husband hold his tim cup in his hand while driving? mine does all the time.
earth mother

Marg aka nittineedles said...

I too knit while DH drives. I'd rather take a chance on the airbag slamming the needles into my chest than watch the scenery and my life flash before my eyes.

Stickchicky said...

He does drive with the cup in his hand and it makes me nuts! Knitting keeps me sane in the car! It also helps to tune out the kids in the backseat.