Monday, March 28

Easter Shmeaster

Usually Easter is pretty big around my house. This year it just wasn't. I was kind of dissapointed because Marc had to work every day this week, good Friday through today. So much for my big plans. If it isn't me putting on dinner usually you can be sure my mom is, or even the in-laws, but not this year, mom is in Dominican Republic, and MIL had no intention of doing anything special at all. I wasn't about to cook a big dinner for four of us, was pretty quiet. Maybe next year I guess. I did manage to make an appearance at church on Friday though, should have waited until Sunday mass. Friday's was realllly long...the stations of the cross etc...etc.... OK the bitch session is over, as for knitting...I did manage to get a few rows in on Clapotis this weekend, and I started a summer shawl with some funky ladder yarn. Not sure what brand because it came in one of those mill end bags from WALLY's that are $4.95. There was tons of it though..Off to tame the chocolate crazed monsters now! Happy Easter Monday all!

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