Saturday, March 5

Did I say knitting was fun?

Well, as many of you may not know, I've been on maternity leave since July, (and work wants me back by July 3rd this summer) I am really dreading this. I love my kids so much, and I never knew how much fun it was to be at home with them all the time. I've grown really attached(overly some might say) to my new daughter. She is a girl of course(my first). I can't bear the thought of having to leave her to go to work. I have two boys as well(4 and 8) who I adore also. But I guess since this is the last baby I will be having I just really want to enjoy her while she's young. I was the work-a-holic of the family, and I never thought anything of it until now. I have nightmares about going back to work. Anyways, in an effort to try and jumpstart a home career that involved knitting, I designed a few items, and put them for sale. All of a sudden, orders are booming for my "Baby's Got Back Backpack" and I can't knit fast enough! I realized that deadlines suck! I asked for it I guess. My hope is that if all this works out, I can run a succesful at home business so I can stay home with my princess. So for the next little while, knitting isn't going to be fun. I'll just have to work on other things in between to keep it interesting I guess. Off to cast on another "BGBB" Ta Ta for now.

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Happy said...

Dare I ask to see a pic of this fabulous 'back pack'?