Sunday, January 28

I Shall Oblige

I have been really remiss in posting some photos of stuff I've been working on, so ..since my secret pal asked so nicely, I'll post a pic or
two. Here are some plain vanilla socks done two at a time on circulars YAY!!! I conquered that one! As well, we have some yummilicious sock yarn aquisitions, Lorna's Laces Sheperd sock in Watercolour, and Fall Leaves(below). I already have the fall leaves on the needles(2 at a time again) but as Jaywalkers . I'm not sure how I'm liking the colour pooling that is going on, but I'll have to see. The last shot is of the back of my Gathering Intenetions sweater by Fiona Ellis. What a great satisfying cable knit. The arems are about 1/3 done as well, but they look just like sleeves, so I didn't take a picture yet. Hopefully the next time I post about this sweater I will be wearing it. As for all of my ailments, it looks like I have Pneumonia. Lovely predicament isn't it? Not much they can do for me except insist t hat I rest alot. Mr. Man has been pretty understanding, and even though he is working full time as well, he is making extra effort to make sure I'm getting enough sleep. I caught a gem I tell ya. So...I'm off to take a little lie down. Happy Sunday everyone.

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jae said...

Oooh! All that Lorna's Laces is wonderful.

I hope that you get to feeling better! Pneumonia can be rough.