Wednesday, August 30

A big company producing better products!

Could it be that Patons is finally coming out with a few more natural fibre products? This makes me happy. I avoid synthetics if I can (unless making charity baby projects) and I love the Patons Classic Merino. Has anyone out there tried the Patons SWS? I live in a fairly small town in Canada, where the best we have going for yarn shopping is Walmart, or Michael's if Patons creates more natural fibre products, I'm sure they will carry them. There shelves are already bursting with all of their acrylics.
In knitting news, I'm busy with a cashmere lace scarf( my design) that I hope will be a good gift for my ISE swap. I've also designed some delicious fair isle mittens, which I will post a free pattern for in the next few days. I'm quite pleased with the pattern.
As usual, I have 2 pairs of socks OTN and I'm finishing up my mystery stole. Just one side of edging to go. Have any of you out there tried KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud? My SP sent me 2 skeins in the tide pool colourway(sorry pal I still need to post pics of your awesome gift) and I think I'm in love. If this were the last yarn on earth, I'd be a happy girl. This stuff is just soooo soft and silky. I casted on the Mystery Shawl 2 with it. (I know that knitalong was last year) I joined, and then flaked on the group cause I was busy giving birth and trying to get through a month of sleepless nights. No excuse I know, but shit happens. So I printed the clues out for a rainy day. I'm not sure I like the needle size I'm using, but time will tell. Off to grab some java and spin some. Have a great Wednesday . Is it just me or does the word Wednesday look weird? Spell checker says it's so, and it's too early to worry. Whatever....


Necia said...

Busy giving birth huh? Hahhahahahaha. The alpaca cloud is really soft. I ordered some before for a friend, and she's lucky she got it. Hahahhahaha. I"m going to check on that Patons for you. I'll see if my lys carries it yet. What color are you interested in.


Yay for spinning.

Debi said...

I'm enjoying knitting with Patons SWS, which I bought at my local Michaels. It's very soft, and the color changes remind me a lot of Noro Kureyon without all the scratchiness. Another similarity with Kureyon is that it's not plied. It also felts very well. I didn't pay attention to my booga bag in the washing machine until nearly 10 minutes passed, and the bag ended up about half its original size.