Monday, September 11

The new Knitty is up

And I just can't contain myself. How dare they add 10 new "to-do's" to my ever increasing list. I am in love with this issue. Go check it out here. It's fabulous. In knitting news, I'm such a joiner. I jumped on the Icarus bandwagon and am about half-way done. I had actually already put this on my list of must-do's as soon as I received the issue, but had it on the back burner. Now she's on the needles, and I'm flying through her.
I am going back to work. After much discussion about my liberal yarn buying habits, Mr Man and I decided it would be really nice to have an extra paycheque. The benefits, and pension plan are pretty nice bonuses too. The silver lining in all of this is that I have taken an overnight shift, which will see me sitting behind a desk for 12 hours with nothing else to do but knit. Watch the babies from Knitty Fall fly off the needles now! So, even though I swore I wouldn't go back, this is a pretty nice option. (The shift premiums make it great all by themselves).
So, tonight I begin my overnight adventures. I may even have more time to post to this here little blog thingie now that I will have so much uninterrupted computer time.
Time for bed, 10 pm is coming quick.

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